Quotable: Patrick Stewart on violence against women

When a well-spoken actor who is known for his smooth delivery has difficulty breaking into a subject and talking about it, you know it’s close to home. In the case of “Captain Picard”, it’s not only close, it is IN the home. Not to be missed!

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3 Responses to Quotable: Patrick Stewart on violence against women

  1. Wren says:

    My respect for this man just grew several orders of magnitude. His description of the effects of domestic violence on a male child is very precise and accurate.
    Thank you for giving this attention on your blog, ‘Bina.

  2. I couldn’t NOT do it. It was so germane to the discussions from last week, and I’d already known for some time that Sir Patrick has been speaking out about this. I think I even linked to an essay he wrote (about the same things) on my Facebook page. He’s definitely a great human being, and unlike a lot of other celebrities who only *try* to be “deep” (and fail dismally), he really is. He’s got a lot of material to draw upon.

  3. Jim Hadstate says:

    Wow! Just “Wow”! I am shaking writing this, ‘Bina. To watch him in his professional life was to never guess this side of the man. I was tearing up as he spoke because I felt how hard it was for him to start and continue. Even as he got to the end, I was spellbound! As Wren said, my respect for the man and the human being went up by several orders of magnitude.
    And the small part that he spoke of, almost glossed over, was that, he, too, was a victim of this domestic violence. For his father taught him, with or without his consent, that violence against women was an acceptable form of behavior. And that he has obviously had to struggle with that all his adult life. I sure hope he got some help learning to cope with that and didn’t try to deal with it all by him self. That is a pain no one should have to bear by themselves.
    And the amazing thing is, he still loves his father. You can hear it in his voice. Yet it is a conflicted voice. A sort of love/admire-hate/despise tenor. So sad what this behavior can cause.

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