Stupid Sex Tricks: Random stupid and senseless sex tricks

I just love assortments, don’t you?


What exactly is this stick-man sign saying? My guess is “watch out for buttsex”.

And hey, let’s hope something positive comes out of the War On Terra:


And that this isn’t it:


But hey, you never know. What with all the religious zealots now running loose in “liberated” Iraq (now that that evil, secular Saddam is dead), I wouldn’t be surprised if some cleric pronounces a fatwa saying that anyone caught looking at these be blinded for it.

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1 Response to Stupid Sex Tricks: Random stupid and senseless sex tricks

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Y’know, ‘Bina, I was trying to think of some innocuous meaning for the sign at the top, but my nasty, dirty, porn-burned-out mind couldn’t come (Oh, God, there I go again) up with anything innocent. What in the Hell are they trying to say? That the guys in the neighborhood are so horny that they just drop their drawers in the middle of the road and do it, so slow down? Watch out for leaping first time anal sex initiates? What?

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