Taxing the patience of a nation

And no, I’m not referring to the gummint. I’m referring to these tea-tards here:

Note the doctrinaire (but ill-informed) rhetoric, the crazy accusations, the deer-in-the-headlights looks of a lot of them when pressed for specifics. These are people who are very angry about things they haven’t thought through. Be sure to watch for former comedienne Victoria Jackson in a very sad and unamusing turn as a retarded rightard, and enjoy the ironic spectacle provided by a bug-eyed British lord (at a “patriotic American” rally? In a Stars ‘n’ Stripes tie??? Remind me what the revolution was about, again…)

Saddest of all is the woman in the cranberry turtleneck, who really should not be there. She’s been deluded into thinking the government is out to rob public services, when its job (as she herself acknowledges) is to provide them. And what’s up with the Mexican guy speaking out against immigration? And the token black dude rapping? He’s rolling out the astroturf while claiming not to. How far through the Looking Glass ARE these people? And do they not see the extreme irony of their position?

One thing is for sure: the educational system is indeed badly underfunded if it turns out sorry people like these. And civics classes are more desperately needed now than at any previous time in history. If it weren’t for all the wars and imperialism, they’d all get one hell of an education.

Whether they wanted it or not.

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4 Responses to Taxing the patience of a nation

  1. Wren says:

    These people are strangely pathetic and scary at the same time. They talk about tyranny without mentioning corporate greed or fraud nor do they have any understanding of the fundamental function of government much less a democratic representative government.
    They SHOULD be screaming for more protection from corporations by their government, but instead they protest any attempt by their government to do just that. They think democratic socialism is tyranny and tyrannical rule by greedy corporations is freedom. It’s just the kind of thinking a real tyrant needs.
    I’m just glad they are seen as stupid and hypocritical by the vast majority of the public so far. Wanting a smaller government when it isn’t protecting its citizens from corporate greed as is and never pointing out where the government should be shrunk isn’t going to win over many to your way of thinking. Not that FUX isn’t trying real hard to change that. The right-wing media in the U.S. is desperate to harness the real anger at the economic situation into support for the very people and policies that brought it about. Demagogues like Beck and Limbaugh are using classic fascist scapegoating tactics to this end.
    Basic understanding of how your democratic government works is a prerequisite for a functioning democratic government. Too bad the founding fathers didn’t see fit to put that in the constitution along with a free press. On second thought, the whole free press thing isn’t working out so well either.

  2. Yeah, the press is only free if you actually own one.
    And yeah, the teabags are definitely astroturfed, whether they realize it or not. The fact that most of these guys don’t makes this all the more pathetic. Do they seriously believe a big faceless corporation will take better care of them than a government could? And for cheaper? I’ve got sad news for them if they do: Bolivia tried that, with water. The big faceless corporation made it illegal even to catch rain. They drove the corporation–Bechtel–out of the country, and their no-good gringo of a preznit (who had allowed the whole shambles) with it. Now the president’s an indigenous guy who cares for the environment and is a socialist. I’d say THAT’s what real people power looks like!

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    These crackers are smoke’n something–probably crack.
    Incredible. However, to be fair, Bina, I could make a pretty funny video rife with the delusions of the liberals here in the US. No, not as off the charts as the ‘baggers, but pretty damned scary, considering that these are supposedly ‘educated’ people.
    Look to how the liberals in the US were so quick to swallow rightwing talking points when it comes to ACORN–and how these weak fakes didn’t even try to muster critical questioning or defense of one of the most effective anti-poverty groups that was funded, in large part, by poor and urban working class people themselves.
    No, the ‘baggers are funny, scary, and easy targets. The NPR liberals have some pretty savage ethical retardation as well.
    I will never forget John Stewart mocking the hats worn by indigenous women in Bolivia–and the whole stupid liberal audience laughed heartily. Sick shit. But I am ‘the freak’ for identifying with these incredible people.
    No, don’t let me get started on white liberal racism. But I was a bit unusual–being raised by a Black Panther household from the time I was a new born til almost six.
    The person that I identified as ‘mother’, Christine, is very ill now, probably doesn’t have too much longer. Luckily, I live a couple of hours away. Bring’n them some tomato plants this week.
    By the way, I have the Paul Robeson tomato plant!
    That man was simply a bad-ass, one of my heros.
    Well, I am head’n back to my lyre in the swamp. I try to keep up with what your posting on my iphone.

  4. Jon Stewart really should know better–he had Evo on his show and was duly impressed by the guy. Bowler hats aren’t funny; I’d wear one too, if I could get one where I live.
    And dang, a Paul Robeson tomato? What’s it like? I’ve just been reading up on J. Edgar Hoover’s crusade against Einstein (among others.) Of course Einstein and Robeson were great friends. It’s amazing how the media fucked up over Einstein, too–everyone now just thinks of him as a sweet old absent-minded professor, instead of what he actually was–a very sharp, media-savvy, leftist, pacifist, antiracist fighter. The right-wing media, of course, lost little time in painting him as a dangerous commie-pinko nigger-lover. They were closer to the reality (albeit more alarmist and insane about it, too) than the “liberal” media then and now. Einstein wasn’t a commie, he was a pinko who befriended the blacks and supported the fight for integration–and really, what’s so bad about that? From where I sit, those are all GOOD things!

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