This one’s for you, Constance McMillen

My best friend sent me this link, and writes:

Let’s see if I can state this clearly.

The courts said the lesbian’s rights were violated, but that it wouldn’t mandate the school host the prom since there was an alternative one being held by parents. (It wouldn’t mandate the school host so long as the alternative included same-sex couples.)

The school officials told the courts that the private prom being organized by parents would be inclusive of everyone.

(It wasn’t — it also excluded same-sex dates.)

The private prom people said “OK — you can come” but made it difficult for the lesbian to try and get a ticket — and even though she tried, she didn’t get a ticket.

The private prom has been cancelled as a result. (Fears of being sued.)

A pro-diversity group has stepped in and is hosting a prom where all are welcome. But of course the school and parents are doing their best to make sure the students feel the lesbian “ruined prom” (because a prom hosted by the wrong type of people would not be acceptable as we all know.)

I hope this young woman moves away to go to college where she can live among RATIONAL people!

Me too…hence the song. I’m thinking specifically of the line that goes “And I’m leavin’ Mississippi with the radio on…”

I hope that whenever Constance gets out of that southern-fried bigot-fest, she leaves with the radio on. And that she’s singing at the top of her lungs, and not looking back.

Chin up, little sister.

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