Wankers of the Week: April Tools!


Ah, April…time to get back into the garden and start tilling and digging. But first, you have to haul out your tools. And these wankers are not the sharpest tools in the shed:

1. John Fucking Kyl. Corporate tool par excellence. To all you right-wingers out there who voted GOP because you thought these bigwigs would stand up for the freedom of little guys like you, you can now burn your voter registrations along with all your silly illusions. All they really care about is the corporations, who do not give a damn about you, never have, and never will. Sticking up for the little guy is “overly ideological”, didn’t you know? Stupid peons.

2. Rex Fucking Rammell. Another gun-toting tea-doucher who apparently thinks it’s okay to hunt humans, as long as they’re dark-skinned and/or democratically elected. I would hope that such sentiments (and his frankly disturbing “militia” ties to the Hutaree terrorists) would hurt his chances of ever being elected himself, but he’s from Idaho. Hello? Aryan Fucking Nations country? Hell, they’ll practically canonize him there.

3. Tiger Fucking Woods. It’s hurtful and ugly enough to lie your ass off so you can boink a whole bunch of blondes who are not the blonde you married. But to take a steaming dump on the head of your own kindergarten teacher, claiming she “basically did nothing to stop” a racist incident that never happened, while you were clawing your way to the top in the image of a squeaky-clean guy shattering the color barrier? That’s just low. And it’s also bringing the racist teabaggers out of the woods in droves, pointing fingers and saying that it’s in the nature of Those People to lie, and it proves that Obama and John Lewis and God only knows who all else are…well, you get the picture. Smooth fucking move, Ex-Lax.


PS: Exhuming your dad is pretty damn low, too. All I could think of while watching that ad was how he taught you everything you know, all right…about philandering.

4. John Fucking McCain. So mavericky, he’s now NOT a maverick, and claiming he never was one, even though he’s on record as saying he was one! I have no choice now but to conclude that “maverick” means “crazy old right-wing flippity-flopper”.

5. Rush Fucking Limbaugh. All that racism you’ve been assiduously fanning over the past–how many decades have you been polluting the airwaves now, Rush?–is suddenly fake. Uh-huh. I’m still waiting for you to move to Costa Rica, Pigman.

6. Dan Fucking Quayle. Remember when he was moralistically scolding Murphy Browna fictional TV character–for doing what Repugs want all pregnant-out-of-wedlock women to do, namely stay preggers even if it’s really a bad idea? He just outdid himself for Teh Stoopid. And that’s pretty damn hard, considering he’s the man who can’t spell potato.

7. Sean Fucking Hannity. Who the hell idolizes an executed domestic terrorist? The Baby Jeezus does! I knew he was brain-dead, but this really takes the biscuit.


7 1/2. Anyone who’d cheer at being likened to an executed domestic terrorist by the Baby Jeezus is also a fucking idiot. Quite possibly a bigger one than himself, and that’s really saying something.

8. These fucking horndogs here. Feminism? What’s that? Oh yeah, BOOBIES!!!

9. David Fucking Brooks. Yes, he makes the list again this week, this time because of his inanities about “moral materialism”, whatever the fuck THAT’s supposed to mean. From the context, I infer that it means crapitalism must be good because it clutters our lives up with…stuff, I guess. If that sounds insufferably vague and idiotic, it’s because Brooksy’s insufferable vagueness and idiocy got to me. Sorry.

10. Scott Fucking Southworth. Teaching kids how to protect themselves against STDs and unwanted pregnancy leads to rape? Only in the minds of puritans. In reality, it leads to lower rates of teen pregnancy and STDs, and even delayed onset of sexual activity. Oh, the horror! Safer sex means safer kids, imagine that!

11. Bob Fucking McDonnell. How could something which was the whole cause of the Confederate secession be omitted from mention in a farcical “History Month” dedicated to Confederate history? Well might he apologize–after the fact–but I think this omission was deliberate. There’s been a lot of right-wing obscurantist rewriting of history in the US South lately. And let’s not forget the Gubnor’s own damning declaration, earlier, that slavery was “not significant enough”. Hello? The right to legally OWN OTHER HUMAN BEINGS isn’t sufficiently “significant” to mention? Way to minimize the real Confederate history, you cracker wanker.


12. All the self-righteous fucking wankers who organized and attended that private prom in Mississippi. There are no words ugly enough to adequately describe you or your actions. So I’ll just say this: I hope that those who are not sincerely ashamed of their actions and/or making amends already, may you all get shunned, rejected and laughed at wherever else you all go, for all the rest of your days. May you get back a thousandfold what you dished out to those seven young people you so spitefully decided to exclude. Maybe
then you’ll get a taste of the hell that ostracized people have to live in, every day of their lives. There’s still time to repent and make amends, of course. And if you are REAL Christians, as you claim to be, that’s what you will do. No ifs, ands or buts.

And while you’re at it, you might also want to make amends to this former classmate of yours, who I’m sure would welcome the knowledge that some people have thought twice and decided to come out on the side of humanity.

13. Rahim Fucking Jaffer. I don’t know what’s funniest here–the booze, the coke, the drunk-driving, the shady bidness buddy…or the busty hookers (read: IMPLANTS). Oh wait, I forgot the REAL funniest part: Your big mouth. And that of your hooker-loving pal.


Sucks to be YOU, dude.

14. Helena Fucking Guergis. Wow, where to start with Mrs. Rahim Fucking Jaffer? There is just so much hinkitude about this woman, it boggles the mind. Tantrums in airports, million dollar mansions with no apparent down payment, phony letters of support, hubby caught with coke in his pocket after a boozy dinner with a crooked pal and busty hookers…and we may not have heard the worst of it yet! An RCMP probe promises to be juicy, but it’s the final graf in this story that really grabbed me:

Mr. Jaffer, once a young star in the Conservative caucus, lost his Edmonton seat in the 2008 election. He married Ms. Guergis the next day.

Dang, girl, how’s it feel to know you were the fallback position? I wouldn’t stand for that, but then, I’m a real feminist.


Sucks to be YOU, too.

15. Bill Fucking Donahue. Dumbest. Quote. EVER. (Not that anyone expects better out of this disgusting old rape-apologist.)

16. And speaking of disgusting people, how about that Newt Fucking Gingrich? His latest damp squib: Obama is too lean and fit to be president! Well, of course he would be. Everyone knows that Newty’s ideal candidate would have been old, white and heart-diseased, like The Big Dick. Or his own corpulent self.

17. Stephen Fucking Harper. Yes, Harpo’s at it again. His latest bit of shitbaggery: Not allowing bathroom breaks for female reporters. At this rate, you just wish one of them would squat over his shoes and show him how she really feels about that.


18. Whoever the fuck writes the National Fucking Pest’s fucking idiotic editorials. Fortunately, they got set straight by a reader who pointed out just how fucking idiotic they are. Not that it will make them do any better next time ’round, alas.

19. Sarah Fucking Palin. Yeah, we kind of guessed she wouldn’t be big on science. She’s stupider than shit, after all. But “snake oil”? Damn, girl, you need to re-examine the roots of your fundie religion. There’s an awful lot of snake-handling in there, and I suspect it’s got a lot to do with oil, too.

20. Bristol Fucking Palin. Yes, she’s fair game now that she’s thrust herself–AND HER BABY–into the limelight as a spokesperson for abstinence. Bristol speaking for abstinence is like screwing for chastity…oh wait, it IS screwing for chastity! She’s fucking with our heads. In the name of chastity.


Like mother, like daughter. Wankishness perpetuates itself on down the generations.

21. Bart Fucking Stupak. Best thing he ever did was retire. Pity he couldn’t do it BEFORE playing hell with healthcare reform, and using women’s bodies as his bargaining chip. Motherfucker, literally.

22. The Fucking “Male Studies” wankers. Not only do they hate women, they also haven’t the first clue what feminism is all about. If they think it’s about hating men, I have sad news for them. I’m a feminist, and I LIKE men. It’s sexists–and those who use bogus “science” to justify sexism–that I cannot abide. And if they have a problem with that, they’re gonna find themselves in real trouble trying to get dates to the Formal.

23. Don Fucking Blankenship. Rhymes with Wankenship, and that’s no coincidence. He should be in jail for murder, but what do you bet he’ll get off scot-free…and maybe even vote himself a tidy raise while he’s at it? Because I’m sure he doesn’t give a shit that his lobbying for ever-laxer safety laws are directly responsible for the deaths of all those miners in HIS filthy holes.


And finally, to two very special little boys who obviously get to school on a short bus. First, to “Fergy”, a.k.a. “ruralcounsel”, who was kind enough to leave me his e-mail when he made poopy here. You’re a goddamned sorry excuse even for a coward, but fortunately, I won’t let you hide behind the wall of anonymity that is the Internet. I’m gonna make sure everyo
ne gets to reach you and share with you their love. Maybe they’ll teach you something that you clearly don’t want to learn. And perhaps the Shoreham Telephone Company in Middlebury, Vermont, would care to hear how you’ve been abusing their service? That, too, can be arranged…so don’t try my patience.

And then there’s Jake Fucking Pearson. You picked the perfect place to out yourself there, dude. You are most certainly a wanker! And a BULLY, too! Tsk, tsk. Must be a closet masochist to ask for it like that.

Pity I don’t play your games, Jakey. Had you bothered to read my About page, you would have seen that I operate here on the baseball rule: Three strikes, you’re out. You had three chances to be rational and intelligent, and you blew them all. Actually, considering that your first post here was nothing but insults, you can count yourself lucky I didn’t flush it from my spam filter automatically, as such abusive posts actually deserve. So you have no right to whine that I’m being unfair to you. You only get to post here on MY terms, not yours. Your freedom of speech ends here when you abuse it to abuse me. And if you persist in trying, you’ll be IP-blocked at server level so I no longer even have to look at your shit before I flush the commode. I’m a closet sadist that way, I guess.

Good night, and get fucked.

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13 Responses to Wankers of the Week: April Tools!

  1. chris says:

    19+ Rex Fucking Murphy gets a funny tingling sensation when he sees Sarah. Unfortunately, he felt he had to tell everyone.
    Great stuff, Sabina. Thank you.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure he does. Like all those other ‘winger dudes, all he saw was the wink and the little imaginary sparklies flying around the room when she said “You betcha!”, and ever since then, he’s been in luuuuuuv. Stupidity is a turn-off for most of us, but for those on the right, it’s practically a mating call.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, I don’t think that monogamy is healthy or normal. Not to excuse Tiger’s behavior, but I don’t know about the particulars of his relationship and understanding with this wife. Deciet certainly is ignoble, but, that said, I think that monogamy truncates the more visceral and natural sexual impulses of humanbeings. Given these diseased constrictions, sexual energies become manifest in ways that are pathological and exploitive.
    But I don’t advocate an orgy, swinger ‘free for all’, where anything goes. I am just stating that the current cultural institutions leave much to be desired.
    Particularly when it comes to our connection of nature, the repression of matriarchy is pushing our specie to the brink of collapse.
    Gay and lesbian relationships come to the forefront, I think, as a natural, earth-wise, reaction to the supression of matriarchy and the strains put on the capacity of our living Earth to sustain patriarchy in almost every human cultural configuration.
    We should encourage bi-sexuality and homosexuality in children. (Not pedophilia!) When I bring this up to activists, I am shunned. LOL Admittedly, this is a bit too radical for the current movement for human sexual rights in the US.
    I incline toward more martriarchical societies where the females have the most power in deciding policies and cultural behaviors; the common rearing of children, etc.
    Tiger does seem to gravitate toward fake-ass materialist women.
    I have looked down on Tiger in the past more for his association with companies that degrade or environmental health and super exploit workers. Tiger could have used his power to pressure these companies to treat people better. He didn’t, and this shows a level of ethical retardation that is rife in Western societies.
    It seems that Tiger’s ethical retardation with respect to the Earth and the working class mirror’s his sorry behavior with respect to his infidelity and lack of honesty to his family.
    But isn’t the entire corporate ruling class, with their botox, the rape of ecosystems, and the imperialist terrorism they inflict on indigenous and working class people the most prominent symptom of the disease that afflicts humankind at this juncture?
    Tiger fits right into the big picture. Only self-deluded chumps are suprised by the corruption–and they are fixated on Tiger’s sexual ‘conquests’ in a lurid, pathetic, and purient fashion.
    On top of this, Tiger’s lack of interest in ‘hotties’ of color–well, this is entirely in keeping with the social class and racist worldview of the folks he runs with.
    (I say this as a person that has regular dealings with the upper class people that Tiger runs with. I deal with this man’s neighbors. They are not ‘bad’ people–they are simply ethically retarded and ‘typical’ of US society in general.)

  4. Leaving out the question of whether monogamy is healthy or normal (which I think depends largely on the individual; most of us are serially monogamous, by nature or habit), I agree, it’s the lying that’s at issue. He lied to his wife (and if you can’t be monogamous, don’t get married, is how I look at it); he lied to those other women; he lied to the media; he even lied to himself. Lying is the most destructive habit of all; it enables and excuses every bad behavior there is. People can’t be their true selves in a society where a certain image is expected, and where it’s considered okay to lie as long as you look good doing so. I don’t know what sexual behaviors, if any, I’d encourage in children, but I know that I’d start by encouraging honesty, no matter what.

  5. Slave Revolt says:

    I totally agree about monogamy, it is prevalent, but it is not for everyone.
    I believe that many indigenous societies have practiced more healthy arrangements with respect to sexuality than Western societies.
    Using the term “natural” or ‘more natural’ also has its contradictions.
    Let me make clear that I don’t advocate encouraging sexual behavior with or among children–just creating atmospheres where healthy tendencies are not repressed (as they are currently). In my own life I was forced to negate natural bi-sexual tendencies and energies in favor of heterosexuality. My ‘natural’ inclination was more bi-sexual, but that was prohibited.
    I abhor the sexualization and exploitation of children–but we are sexual beings, it’s in our nature to have strong sexual energies during our transition toward maturity. Our repressive, Christian, puritanical tradition doesn’t deal with these energies in a healthy manner. This is why rape and harassment continue to be major problems.
    Sexual expression also comes with the possibility of pro-creation. Our sexuality should not be taken lightly–but, I don’t think that hypocritical prudishness is the way to go. When something is tabooed and repressed, then this creates a situation where diseased extremes come to the surface.
    About lying–yes, the ruling elites have to constantly lie as to what their motivations are. They cannot come out and say that they want folks below them on the hierarchy to be objectified slaves. They have to hide their goals of disempowering and exploiting to support shallow self-aggrandizement.
    Tiger simply gathered from his experience that he could always lie and not be called out on being deceitful. Everything in his cultural/media social circle pointed to lying as a social norm. Not to excuse this behavior–but look no further than the people he runs with on a daily basis.
    Aside from that, I think the guy has internalized some very pernicious ideas about people of color.
    We live and operate in a society where terrorism and imperialism are likened to defending ‘freedom’ and advancing ‘democracy’. In fact, the way our societies operate stifle freedom and democracy.
    As far as Tiger’s sexual partners: how utterly ignorant of them to believe that Tiger wouldn’t lie and deceive them as he did his wife.
    Given the more important, life-or-death issues and events that are happening in the world, I really haven’t given much thought or attention to the Tiger ordeal (save for having to think about it in the context of what I am forced to listen to through ubiquity in the MSM).

  6. Prohibition creates frustrations, yes…and frustrations, taken far enough, can lead to violence. Nowhere is it more obvious than in the US, where the puritanism of the first settlers has (dis)colored so much of the human landscape since white people first landed there. It’s a weird thing to have so many social taboos on the one hand, and so much privilege (for the rich, anyway) on the other. This imbalance inevitably leads to ruin. There were never so many alcoholics as during the Roaring Twenties, when money was plentiful and booze was illegal (but certainly not scarce, as anyone who’d ever brewed bathtub gin could have told you!) And there was never so much sexual abuse as during the Victorian era, when robber barons ruled, and female chastity was more prized than it had ever been before (or since). I once read a witty slogan somewhere: “Detonate the nuclear family!” It made me laugh, but it also made me think: is the closed cellular system of the nuclear family household really such a good way to go? A look around you should tell otherwise. Parents warn of stranger-danger but forget to tell you that sometimes the creepy, perverted boogyman under the bed is literally dear old Dad, or Uncle Fester, or your snot-nosed brother. Or the priest…who is called “Father” by everyone, and who assumes some of that same patriarchal role on a village level!
    One thing I’m not so sure of is that rape is just due to sexual frustration. We’ve got more sexual outlets in modern society than at just about any time in human history, and still we’ve got rape. Why haven’t casual hook-ups or commercial sex done away with rape? I conclude, as feminists generally do, that it’s got less to do with sex than power. It’s not about an unmet need for sex (you can get that from your own hand if you want), but about some psycho-socially generated urge to overpower another. The rapist gets wood not from the prospect of being able to stick it in some unsuspecting woman; he gets wood from the notion that he is about to strike fear and terror and pain into another person. He may have a definite “type” (as did Ted Bundy, who preferred young white women with long brown hair parted down the middle), but in a pinch, just about anyone will do: a woman, a man, a girl, a boy, a baby, and old person. He likes the idea of taking control without consent. In this he is very different from the S/M dominator (or dominatrix), who receives consent for each and every act of sexualized control in advance, and who backs off when told to do so. If it were simply a matter of getting off on power-over during sex or acts of bondage, a potential rapist would be able to pay a hooker who deals in that, or join a dungeon-club somewhere, and his kink would be met by a consenting “slave”. But the fact is, consent is what kills his urge; it does not satisfy it. And this is outside the limits set by those hookers and clubs, too. So his urge to do violence is clearly out of bounds even in the most sexually liberal (seeming!) of societies.
    And we haven’t even gone into what creates such urges in the first place. Without exception, all rapists have had some early-life conditioning which is highly inappropriate and damaging to the psyche. Again, back to Ted Bundy–he had a puritanical religious upbringing (his mother could have had an abortion, but didn’t dare; so she had him) and at the same time, he grew up in an unbelievably violent, sexually perverted household. His grandfather was an abusive tyrant who molested his own daughters and grandkids. No word on what made the grandfather so, but I’ll bet that similar things were done to him in his own childhood; they generally are. And when you can’t talk to anyone else about what awful things your own blood relations have done to you, well…
    Which of course brings it back to the nuclear family. When it’s all behind the closed doors of the “safe” home, you become reluctant to drag it out in the light of day. How many sayings are there to the effect that you shouldn’t air dirty laundry in public? Well, this isn’t laundry. This is one matter where public opinion should be turned against the perpetrator, the abuser, instead of this enabling “keep it all in the family” nonsense that ends up blaming the victim (because s/he dared to speak out, thus looking like a blabber-mouthed slut.) If people saw what had gone on (because they couldn’t help but see), the abuser would likely be shunned or removed from the community to undergo some form of reparative work, and the victim removed from his clutches so that no further harm could be done. This of course follows the African saying that it takes a village. If the whole village knows what so-and-so did to his daughter, and is unanimous in the belief that a father has no such rights, then the village will deal with him in some way which may be harsh but is no doubt appropriate to the situation. I’m a big one on the notion of extended families, circles of friendship, and other “village” type situations, myself; they’re very organic and old-world.
    Sadly, our society has very different beliefs–we have the patriarchy saying that Father Knows Best, etc. It couldn’t be more fucked up; it’s the sort of thing that leads guys like Tiger Woods to think they’re entitled to “own” a woman (as he wrote in those text messages to that one poor soul.) They are encouraged to think that the more money and property they have, the more human property they can claim; that people can be owned. Nothing could be further from the truth, but in a patriarchal society that prizes wealth and power-over, such things are appallingly commonplace. What’s weird, with him, is that he’s almost certainly descended from slaves–wholly owned human beings–himself. And the irony of all that completely escaped him, even as he lied about that racist incident and his kindergarten teacher who failed to intervene! But of course, he thinks he’s “post-racial”, and that all this no longer applies to him. He’s just a more extreme example of the kind of thinking that’s already out there everywhere: that if you pay for something, you own it, and that the more money you have, the more ownership rights (actually, just privileges) also accrue to you. Except that the thinking is all bass-ackwards. A woman, or any other person, is not a thing and cannot be owned even if you paid her for sex, but he missed that message, assuming anyone sent it to him at all.
    What pisses me off about this whole case is not the nauseous ubiquity of it, nor the fact that gee, he sure got back into the game again fast, brave-o…it’s the fact that the real, life-destroying problems of a crapitalist society are once again being swept under the rug. Here is an excellent opportunity to sniff out where all that “I own your ass” crap came from and to make it unequivocally clear that nobody owns anybody, no matter what…and the opportunity is being squandered. It’s a lot harder to single out a perp for that, though, because we haz seen the enemy, and it is us.

  7. Slave Revolt says:

    I am in agreement with you and today’s feminists that rape isn’t about sexual release. It is a sadistic impulse linked to oppression, terror, and the idea that might makes right. So, sorry if i worded that part wrong.
    Human oppression and unjust social hierarchies DO have something to do with the phenomenon, however.
    Freak as it sounds–some slaves actually accepted their position. Some women voted and militated against equal rights and the franchise.
    With capitalism and unjust/unearned hierarchies of power (that mostly go unchallenged), sex becomes a commodity.
    This debases both men and women. However, you will be hated-on by many ‘progressives’ for being ‘strident’, or having views that are well outside the mainstream.
    Our local ‘community radio’ station’s programming mostly reflects the tastes of the people that subsidize it financially. You will listen to rightwing zionists that applauded Israel’s attack on Gaza guest-host programs that claim to support the values of Martin Luther King, Jr. If you call them on it, the will cut you off and vilify you, distort your comments, and engage in other smarmy tactics. More, they promulgate outright lies with respect to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, basically, forwarding the propaganda talking points that are so rife in the corporate media. They hate on you if you point out their errors.
    Follow the money: these personalities take their paychecks from elites that really fear and despise socialism and egalitarianism.
    Sorry, but, as you can tell, I am not down with the political/social program of most of what passes for ‘progressive-liberals’ here in the US.
    Observe what people do and don’t say–what they put in, what they leave out.
    Sorry for the digression–but this shit chafes my ass (no pun, lol).
    Make’s me wanna throw up both hands and holl’a.

  8. “Freak as it sounds–some slaves actually accepted their position. Some women voted and militated against equal rights and the franchise.”
    Yes…And we call those people Uncle Toms (or Aunt Jemimas) for a reason. (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, one helluva book…it really captured the spectrum of life under slavery. Not surprisingly, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote it based on reality.) There really were slaves who thought life would be worse in a world where they didn’t know the rules, because there would no longer be any. And the post-slavery crackdown, the Klan, Jim Crow and all that, may have vindicated that viewpoint momentarily, if you didn’t realize that it was actually backlash and not evidence that a world without slavery was “amoral” or “disordered”. It was the morality of the slave era, carrying over into the post-slave era; it’s a virus that still needs to be purged from the political landscape, to be recognized wherever it still exists and hauled up into the light of day so the sunshine can kill it. Of course, just the act of naming it is bound to bring a shitstorm down on the head of anyone, black or white, who dares…because the politically correct line is that we are now “post-racial” and all that stuff is in the past. Bury it. And blah blah.
    And yes, there were a lot of women who didn’t “get” it, and didn’t want to, and still don’t. They were (or thought they were) secure in their backward existence and thought it was truly natural and for the best, even though it wasn’t (and a clear majority came out, over time, to prove them wrong, much to the disgust of extremist conservative women nowadays.) It’s kind of hard to vote against the franchise of voting, though! And ironic, too. It’s like voluntarily sticking one’s neck in the hangman’s noose. That might be fine for some, but I’d be actively scheming up ways to break jail! If you don’t want to vote, then don’t, no one’s forcing you. But don’t you dare take the vote away from me. It is a right, not a privilege, and so it must remain.
    I also totally feel you on the fake-liberal media thing. WHAT fucking liberal media? is what I so often get the urge to yell.

  9. Wren says:

    11.5. Pat “the Hitler apologist” Buchanan for stating that fighting FOR slavery was just as “right” as fighting against it. And if you think I’m kidding about the Hitler apologist thing, I’m not.
    15. Hey, let me say that William A. Donohue might be onto something. A little waterboarding might actually be therapeutic to these child rapist priests and their defenders.
    19. She blinded the audience with sci…stupidity and they cheered. At least she has the Flat Earther and the under 60 I.Q. vote all tied up.
    20. *facepalm*
    21. Maybe someone should give Stupak a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale at his retirement party. On second thought, you cannot fill a cup that is already full.
    22. I always understood that feminism to be simply defined as, you know, thinking of and treating woman as people. I guess these wankers can’t get anybody to join their misogyny hate fest by accepting that definition. Sad part is they will inevitably find some low self esteem girl to fuck up.
    23. I bet Don is just loving the Citizens United v. FEC ruling. Kill some nonunion miners then turn around and campaign and lobby so he can kill more while increasing his profit margins. Who needs democracy at the national level when you have to work for a tyrant?
    And for all those drive-by self professed “Christian,” authoritarian, right-wing dirtbags reading this blog, the Man in Black has a reminder for you.
    Keep fighting the brave fight, ‘Bina.
    P.S. I think the term you and Slave are looking for when describing those that defend their abusers is the Stockholm syndrome.

  10. Slave Revolt says:

    Yeah, my bad–it is hard to ‘vote’ against being able to vote if one doesn’t have the franchise. LOL
    Sounded good in my head, however, before re-reading it.
    But, one can conceive that there were groups of rightwing women that actually did take a vote that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote in general elections. Creepy and weird. But antiquated, backward, oppressive beliefs are, indeed, creepy.
    For me, the most noble character-type that repeats in human societies is the slave in revolt. These people are the most daring and noble of all humankind.
    MLK, Jr. was a slave in revolt–as was Malcom, Mother Mary Jones, Rosa Luxemburg, and many others (that the establishment would rather us deride, dismiss, or forget. Chavez and Evo are slaves in revolt. They are both hated on my the progressive-liberal establishment.
    And they give the finger, the big ‘f-you’ to their detractors.
    Right now the peasant class is making a move in Thailand. These people are motivated by the spirit of true human liberation and solidarity. And they will be hated-on by ‘good company’ in this corporate state.

  11. otto says:

    i like pie

  12. thebhc says:

    Wow, that is quite a list of fuckers! Nice vent!

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