Eva Golinger has just informed the Facebookers that Chavecito is now on the tweeter. His handle is @chavezcandanga.

Now I’m gonna have to sign up for yet another social-networking time-suck (sigh, grrr), if only so I can figure out how many times I can write “te amo” in 140 characters.

Life’s a beeyotch.


UPDATE: I’m now (reluctantly) on the tweeter. Look over to the right-hand side, you should see me. Feel free to start twitting. (SIGH)

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4 Responses to ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Ha!Ha! Beat ya to it! I already had my Twitter account.
    BTW, did you hear about Keith Olbermann on MSNBC dissing Chavez? He said Chavez has his own television show that he talks for 8 straight hours and that should be enough for anybody. The only thing I could think of was that he was talking about ‘Alo President. But he just answers peoples questions. Sometimes the questions require a long answer but he is just answering a question. He was even put on Olbermann’s worst persons in the world for signing up for Twitter. Like Olbermann has something to talk about. He crows about his Twitter account every night. Speaking of that, I’m going to go to his shows website and send him a nasty email telling him to get his facts straight.

  2. Manaat says:

    He doesn’t always answer peoples’ questions, there are often shows about hospitals, agroindustrial complexes, interactions with people … he does talk, but the stretches aren’t always that long. Olbermann is quite clueless about anything outside the US, as US “libruls” often are.

  3. I hope you do, Jim…Olbermann is very smart about the US, and (like a typical gringo liberal) not nearly so bright about everyplace else. (Dang, Utpal just beat me to it.) When it comes to Venezuela, he’s badly misinformed, and no wonder. Does he read Spanish? Can he access Venezuelan indymedia sites? I doubt it very much, in both cases, or he wouldn’t be such a blowhard on the ‘Cito. Or such a hypo-twit, either.
    And yeah, I’d just about kill for a PM who’d actually practice responsive politics, instead of just the defensive kind. One who takes as much as eight hours on a Sunday to actually explain what he’s up to, instead of just going behind our backs and then refusing to release documents, like the current squatter in the PMO is doing.

  4. ceti says:

    Well given the crappy non-existent coverage of the climate change conference in Bolivia, the US media sucks — MSNBC is part of that same problem, or as Chomsky has long noted, gatekeepers of the Imperial agenda.

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