Chavecito meets oppo governors

Just tweeted in by Luigino Bracci, the popular Venezuelan journo-blogger, this linky. Guess what I found when I clicked on it?

Yep…a whole lot of pics of Chavecito smiling and shaking hands with…the OPPOSITION. Doesn’t he look scary and dictatorial? And don’t they look threatened?


Yep, they’re just all wetting their pants.

According to the report, Henry Falcón, who “jumped the fence” recently (from supporting Chavecito to opposing him) “did not go near the group”.

Meanwhile, Luigino tweets:

Que bolas, @hcapriles también me bloqueó! Y cómo le haré llegar mis quejas y reclamos como habitante del estado Miranda?

Translation: What balls, Henrique Capriles just blocked me, too! Now how will I make complaints as a resident of the state of Miranda?

Ha ha. I guess Capriles (he’s the one in the flag jacket) isn’t up on this whole responsive-politics thing. Meanwhile, the ‘Cito most certainly IS:

Merida, May 10th, 2010 ( – In response to the huge amount of messages the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has been receiving via his twitter account, he has announced a special mission to be able to respond to them all.

On Friday Chavez announced the creation of the social mission “ChavezCandanga”, named after his twitter account, and on Saturday he announced the creation of a special fund for the mission, a fund which would be orientated towards “areas of priority like health or housing”.

“Look at this, it’s really like an avalanche, so I’ve decided to create Mission Chavez Candanga to attend to and provide responses to everyone”, Chavez wrote on his twitter account, referring to the large number of requests he was receiving. The mission involves a team of 200 people to process the requests, denunciations, and other comments.

ABN reports that in just over a week the president received 54,000 messages, and the news site recounted a number of stories of people who had written to the president’s twitter account and quickly been contacted and received a response and help.

Chavez reported that half the “tweets” he received were messages of support, 18.4% were “unfavourable” messages, 13.2% were requests for help, and 9.98% were denunciations of problems. He receives a lot of requests for help related to health, work and study, and even people reporting holes in roads.

Such is life for the most popular tweeter in Venezuela. Maybe that’s why Henrique “Commie Shirt” Capriles will never become president…or any of those other oppos, either. They’re too busy trying to figure out new ways to wall themselves off from the citizenry and go on conducting old-style politics.

I don’t expect to hear anything from the anglo whore media about how they’re full of fresh new ideas and enthusiasm; only more monkey-screech about how Chavecito’s “Misson Chávez Candanga” is somehow going to do away with Venezuelan democracy altogether.

As though it actually existed before he came along. And as though these old holdovers from that era knew what it was.

Or these silly anglo media whores either, for that matter.

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2 Responses to Chavecito meets oppo governors

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    I enjoy your monicur “Anglo whore media”, concise and apt.
    Last night I watched a documentary on global poverty and the history of colonialism and it’s current form, neocolonialism. Martin Sheen narrated. I didn’t get the title, but it is an excellent primer for understanding why 25,000 people die everyday because of structurally created poverty, because of crapitalism.
    Do see it, it was came out in 2008.
    I am in iPhone mode, or else I would comment more regularly. Yes, I have a regular keyboard bias. But I can also do thumbs, and glad that I am not ALL thumbs, like some of the young’ns.

  2. I’m gonna have to keep an eye out for that. I’ll see what I can google…
    (a few minutes later)
    Ah, I found what must be it–“The End of Poverty”. It does look worthwhile. Thanks for the tip.

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