Quotable: Mike Malloy to all the right-wing drillbaggers

Nothing to add, really, except a hearty “What he said!”

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2 Responses to Quotable: Mike Malloy to all the right-wing drillbaggers

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Geez, Mike! Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel.
    Except I feel the same way. These little assholes who always want to scream big government, no taxes, deregulation, free market capitalism, free trade, drill baby drill. Obama should send the Army out to round them all up, starting with Dick Cheney and Bushes I and II, and take them out with paper towels (biodegradable, of course) to sop up the oil on the shore, clean off the birds, use turkey basters to suck up the oil on the water from a rowboat 300 miles in the Gulf that they had to row there themselves and they get no medical attention if they have a heart attack because that’s socialist. Oh, and get Nancy Reagan and throw her in there too. You might want to throw some good drugs in with them so that they can keep going when their hands start to bleed and the sunburn turns into 3rd degree burns.
    That’s right, You neo-liberal capitalist pigs brought this on us. Now go fix it. None of you went to fight in that war that your daddies started in Viet Nam or Iraq I or Iraq II or Afghanistan, so you can do your alternative service this way, just like Israel does with its’ conscientious objectors. Only you really have no conscience do you? Go on, now. And take all your frat boy spawn of hell and your ice queen sorority princesses who’ll hump your eyes out if no one know about your ‘common boy status’ with you when you go. Quit your whining. And throw in Bill Clinton. I’ll bet he’ll never have another problem with Big Mac’s again. And James Carville while you’re at it along with that bitch wife of his Mary Maitlin. All of those conservatives, neo-liberal capitalists, pretend progressives and neo-cons.
    This is their disaster. Let’s get the rest of us picnic lunches and sit on the un-tarred parts of the beaches and watch to see how fast the fall over dead. $20 says the Great White Whale takes no more than 15 minutes. Any takers?

  2. James M Hardwick says:

    Dude is a national treasure. I hope he has 100 more years of radio in him. I’m sure the right wing jack asses will try to find some way to blame the BP disaster on Obama. I just hope no one falls for it and that Obama acts like he has a pair and points the finger at the people who really are to blame.

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