This just in…hot off the tweeter…pttttttteeeep eep eep…


Chavecito has a blog coming out, starting today. Here’s the link. Everybody update your blogrolls!

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2 Responses to This just in…hot off the tweeter…pttttttteeeep eep eep…

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    I am going to sulk all the rest of the day. I read that stupid broad with the tiger bikini one first and was all excited about telling you. Then I jump to this one and DAMN! You already knew about it. I am trying to find something to throw on the floor and jump up and down on it in frustration.
    It is a great site. I really have spent all morning nosing around on it and it has some good stuff on it. Now maybe at least some people can have a chance to see that he is really a pretty good guy that you want to have a cerveza with down at the corner taberna

  2. LOLwhoops!
    They’ll see, but that’s precisely what they won’t like about him. They prefer aristocracy…or, since there’s actually none in LatAm, oligarchy, which is their next best thing.

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