Chavecito bests a Beeber

Stephen Sackur of the BBC asks some stupid questions, gets some unexpected answers…and his pompous ass handed very nicely back to him on a silver platter by the president of Venezuela.

Note Sackur’s trotting out of every single stupid anglo media meme, as promoted by the international right-wing. Chavecito gets back at him subtly, by calling him tu, like a kid, instead of the more formal, respectful usted. And Sackur has it coming; his questions really are idiotic. He actually dares to ask if socialism can really be democratic. Has he ever asked if capitalists are or can be democratic? Has he gone looking for traces of democracy in any major corporation, or even minor ones? If so, he’d be appalled at the realization that they are none of them, by definition, democracies–all are petty fiefdoms and/or oligarchies, if not outright dictatorships. (Holding stock in any corporation is not a “one man, one vote” thing–it’s a “man with most stock, gets most votes” thing.) Nope, it’s safe to say he hasn’t peeped at the underbelly of “democratic” capitalism. He is, after all, a corporate yes-man himself. Only Chavecito is too polite to turn the question around and tell him so.

Especially funny is the question about the corrupt Raúl Baduel, who is in jail right now for a multimillion-dollar fraud. If you visited here often, you would know all about him already, and also his sudden wealth and his insta-ranch, and how he only jumped the fence to the opposition right before his scam hit the fan. Suffice to say that Baduel only became an oppo when he started making his ill-gotten boodle like an oppo, instead of being content with his healthy salary as a general and Venezuela’s defence minister. Baduel felt it better to betray his old friend than give up a quick and easy cash infusion from the nation’s enemy. Sackur, obviously, doesn’t get out enough. (Chavecito should have asked him if he’d heard about Pa’Julio Rivas, and the “democratic” youth group JAVU, with its obvious anti-government violence and terrorism. That would have been a hoot.)

Sackur sounds plummy and literate, though he’s no more so than your average anglo media whore when it comes to Venezuela; hence the trotting-out of the tired old same-old-same-old. He’s got nothing better, and certainly nothing new. But he had the hilarious temerity to make out that HE had the upper hand here. Even when Chavecito laughs at him, he thinks he’s the smart one. All he can do is change tack. And even that doesn’t help him; Chavecito comes back with concrete proof that he’s wrong on every front. And in the end, it’s Chavecito’s sincerity and genuineness that come across, in spite of all the mud-flinging from the corporate news flunky, who was obviously sent to put him on the spot, and ended up in a muddle himself. Very, very sad Sackur.

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  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, I have been too swamped with work to keep up with this shitz. But it sounds like ChaveCito totally punked this guy’s ass.
    Really, when the crapitalist journalists take this smack-down it is understandable that they stick with lies and myths, rather than take their deserved spanking.
    Lol, if you peddle dope, don’t become a junkie on your own product.
    I’ve been keeping up, you just keeping on. Thanks.

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