Cops Behaving Badly: Do you recognize any of these “anarchists”?

Check ’em out!

Now, how could you be an anarchist–a real one–and NOT know who Che Guevara was, even when you’re wearing his face all over your body?

Or for that matter–what’s up with the pot-leaf bandanna? Dude looks much too straight to me, if you know what I mean.

But if by any chance you know who they are, please report them to the Toronto Police Service (or whatever police service they came from). I think it’s time they turned in their badges. Worst undercover cops/agents provocateurs EVER.

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2 Responses to Cops Behaving Badly: Do you recognize any of these “anarchists”?

  1. Brazil66 says:

    OMFG!!! That is effing hilarious, Sabina! Yeah, worst ever!!! What absolute morons!!

  2. And the funniest part is, they couldn’t even retaliate. If they beat the shit out of the camera-guy hounding them, their “cover” would’ve been blown.
    More than it already was, that is.

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