Festive Left Friday Blogging: Hillary hearts a hottie


Because hey, even raging imperialists can’t resist the charms of Rafael Correa, leftist, president of Ecuador, imperial-ass-kicker, and groovy-embroidered-shirt rocker.

Unfortunately, the stated purpose of Hill’s little visit

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held warm talks with Ecuador’s leftist President Rafael Correa, paving the way to drive a wedge between him and Venezuela’s anti-American firebrand Hugo Chavez.

…won’t come to fruition. For one thing, Ecuador is still not happy with Colombia and that bombing raid two years ago. And those seven gringo bases are STILL not welcome to any of Colombia’s neighbors. Nothing Hillary Clinton says or does can change that.

For another, the ALBA treaty is formal and yes, signatures now mean something in Latin America…something they didn’t mean when gringo imperialists ran the show.

For a third, there are no “anti-American” countries in Latin America. Duh, it’s ALL America. And it’s the stupid, blinkered ruling class in the US that these leaders have an issue with, not the people of the US. Chavecito has been known to say similar things to what El Ecuadorable says here:

Correa also acknowledged disagreements with the United States, but said his meeting with the top US diplomat had been “very productive” and expressed admiration for both Clinton and her husband Bill, the former president.

He noted that both countries agree on the need to fight drug trafficking and deal with migration concerns between Latin America and the United States.

Correa vowed that leftist countries like Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela will stand up for their sovereign rights and “will not bow down” to American power.

So no, Ecuador will NOT be distancing itself from Venezuela, Bolivia and all those other regional baddies.

Just something to consider when huggin’ on the heartthrobs there, Hill.

And that goes double for the anglo media whores, who keep taking the wrong messages away for their dumbass headlines.

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  1. Luis M. says:

    People at the “Axis of Evil” can be cute too.
    Now we know.

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