Gaza Roundup 13: Beat the (Propaganda) Press

Little by little, the truth about the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla is leaking out. Press the play button on the video above to see some of it–including raw footage by Iara Lee, who was on the Mavi Marmara when the Israelis shot the place up.

And here are some more things the Israelis and their media lackeys aren’t bound to like:

Kevin Neish’s photos from the Marmara, plus transcript of his full interview at

Hamas has quit suicide bombings…quit them quite some time ago, actually, since they had a way of backfiring. That hasn’t stopped Israel from crying victim, mind you. Or from obscuring the fact that Hamas was nonviolent before Israel started financing it as an “alternative” to Fatah.

Gary Leupp uncovers some interesting dirt on the smarmy “rabbi” who sent his equally smarmy son to play gotcha with Helen Thomas.

Harry Siegman re-dissects the Holocaust meme, but not the way hardline Zionists would like to see that done.

John Pilger finds parallels with the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Stuart Littlewood has a useful primer on hasbara and how to see through it.

Rick Telfer has a lotta linkage on AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobby groups with inordinate power here in Canada.

FAIR has four pieces worth your clickage: Pundits in Denial on Gaza Plight, Turkey Is Media’s Latest Target for Alleged ‘Terror’ Ties, Misleading Media on Israel and Gaza Rockets, and Thousands of Rockets, Millions of Bullets?

And across the pond, Media Lens has also been doing spectacular work of unravelling the lies, with this two-part report.

And finally, here are some survivor testimonies from the Gaza flotilla.

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4 Responses to Gaza Roundup 13: Beat the (Propaganda) Press

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    And Now…wait for it…drum roll please…there is smuggled film of the 30 minutes prior to the attack and the 30 minutes of the attack including Bebe’s hit book of civilians who were specifically targeted for killing.

  2. Jim, fantastic find. Soon as I’m done watching, that’s going up on the front page…

  3. uzza says:

    both your headshot links go to Part I. ???

  4. Aw, crap. Okay, gonna fix that…

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