Gaza Roundup 20: QuAIA’s vindication and the larger context

This is not Humberto da Silva. This is also not Rex Murphy:

This is, however, an excellent backgrounder that helps explain why the whole QuAIA kerfuffle, which blew over this week in QuAIA’s favor, is important.

And why the gaywashing of Israeli apartheid is an epic fail. The homophobic element in the pro-Israeli apartheid movement is becoming blatantly obvious. B’nai Brith has well and truly beshat itself by joining forces with the odious Charles McVety, for starters.

And let’s not forget that there is apartheid not only between Jews and Palestinians, but between Jews and Jews in Israel–and racism against refugees, too!

In short: It’s been a banner week for human rights activism, in spite of the ridiculous fascism that’s taken over Toronto in advance of the G-20 summit. Freedom of speech has made a big stride, and TO has its Pride back. They’re going to need that morale boost in light of what Harpo’s got cooking.

And in the meantime, nobody is toning down the anti-apartheid rhetoric. Not for one instant. Because that apartheid–and the larger apartheid between the ruling classes and the human masses–is still there, manifesting in ever more grotesque ways, and must be abolished.

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