Gaza Roundup 4: A Holocaust survivor speaks out

Dr. Hajo Meyer articulates about as perfectly as anyone could why the Israeli holocaust of Palestinians is as morally abhorrent as what the Nazis once did to him. And why such behavior is profoundly un-Jewish. I dare you to watch this without tearing up.

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3 Responses to Gaza Roundup 4: A Holocaust survivor speaks out

  1. SD says:

    Absolutely moving!

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    This guy nails it. And it is notable that Isreal and the US are such stalwart allies and apologists for these crimes.
    Turkey’s response in rejection of this is important.
    But where is Jimmy Carter?
    AWOL as he was with Honduras.
    Contrast this with people like Chomsky and this man, the distingished and compelling Dr. Meyer, death-camp survivor.

  3. Where, indeed, is Jimmy? I hope the Israelis haven’t kidnapped him like they did the flotilla survivors. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this.

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