Gaza Roundup 9: A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the IDF’s pants

First the song, by an Israeli TV channel. (Warning: VERY lame!)

Ah. That was “lovely”. And also an interesting projection of Israel’s own no-longer-hidden motives, no? They conned the world, and the crapaganda is still a-flowing, just like BP’s uncapped blowout in the Gulf is still going bloob, bloob, bloob. Only, to be honest, I’d rather listen to the gurglings of that well…

Here comes the dance–starting with another video, this one less melodious, but equally malodorous:

This was faithfully aired by the Jerusalem Post, a little schlong-sucker to the Likudniks formerly owned by Conrad Black (no doubt as a nod to his wingnut wife, Barbara Amiel, who is only Jewish when she needs a victim card to play). This was a big sensation for them. Unfortunately, this video has been doctored more times than Babs’s bosom. The nasty-wasty “Auschwitz” comment (which is surprisingly clear for a radio transmission, no?) was uttered in a very un-Arabic accent (sounds Yiddish, actually), and the “going against the US” one sounds like it came from some southern US yokel–the last sort of person one would expect to find on the Freedom Flotilla (those guys are more like “Yee-haw, let’s kill us some raghaids for Jeebus! [chawin’ tobaccy spit]”). Furthermore, it’s very unlikely that an image-conscious flotilla radioman would let something like that slip over the airwaves. With the whole world watching, that kind of talk would be a major no-no, even if the Israelis had done more to provoke it.

But wait! That was just Step 1; the dance gets more complicated. Here’s Step 2, courtesy of the IDF’s paid crapaganda troll “Spokesperson”:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t lay anyone’s doubts to rest; the fake insults (which sound no more believable in “context” than they did in the abbreviated form) are still inserted. Not only that, but the IDF man’s voice is apparently on a loop–we hear him say the exact same phrases in the exact same intonation, more than once, claiming that the flotilla is breaking the law and will suffer consequences. The pictures have all been stripped, since it would have been clear that the footage is tampered whether they used stills or live action. It is still a doctored audio.

Not only are the fake comments in there, but some other interesting stuff, as noted by Jared Malsin at the Palestine Note:

However, the release of the new “unedited audio” raises further questions. In the “unedited tape,” the Israeli officer is heard radioing the “Defne Y”, another of the Turkish-owned ships, not the Mavi Marmara.

In the new audio released on Saturday, a man’s voice comes over the radio at 1:56 saying “Yeah go ahead, navy.” Oddly, the same voice reappears at 2:24 saying the same thing. The intonation of his voice is the same in both places.

The Israeli military also did not explain the discrepancy between the video released on June 4th, and the one it released on May 31st, which depicts the same Israeli soldier apparently contacting the Mavi Marmara over the radio, in which the “Auschwitz” and 9/11 comments do not appear.

Malsin helpfully appends this video, which is (presumably) the real unedited one originally put out by the IDF:

Note that there are no hostile voices coming over the radio, only the following from the Mavi Marmara: “Negative, negative. Our destination is Gaza. Our destination is Gaza.”

Ooooo, scary. So threatening!

And that was the dance. Now, the seltzer, courtesy of none other than the prime minister of Turkey:

Foooooosh! Looks like Israel’s all wet now.

I knew nothing about this man before, but he’s my newest hero.

I also want to include a bit on Henning Mankell, the Swedish writer, who was on board. Not only is he accusing Israel of high-seas crime, he also has a firsthand account of his own experiences up at the Daily Beast. Go read.

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