Music for a Sunday: More prescient than the Gorillaz knew

Don’t let the dreamy hip-hop groove suck you under. Listen to Snoop Dogg’s rap: doesn’t it sound like he foresaw something? My best friend, who sent me the link to the YouTube, thinks so:

The song I linked is on an album that came out earlier this year (at least as far back as March) and has lyrics which struck me as being rather prescient for things that are happening right now. […]

It’s probably just coincidence but as I listened to the song for the first time all I could think of was:

– the BP disaster (plastic beach, kids feeling despair, pollution)

– the Gaza flotilla (“the revolution will be televised”, click-clacking, mo’ stacking, full packing, acting a fool when I teach)

I thought of that, too, of course, hearing this. More likely the song’s about how modern life has become so fake and artificial that it leaves us all feeling alienated, but it still works, even on that level. Wasn’t it that artificiality, that alienation, that led to the BP disaster? And isn’t the need for connection (“Kids, gather around / Yeah, I need your focus / I know it seems like the world is so hopeless…”) what’s driving activists (most of them definitely not kids) to take matters into their own hands and force governments to do what they’re dragging their heels on?

Listen again and again, and enjoy. But don’t let the undertow pull you down.

PS: Word up–the Gorillaz are among the groups NOT playing in Israel as a result of the assault on the Freedom Flotilla. Rod Stewart and “Sir” Elton John, however, are still playing, the moneygrubbing cynics…

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2 Responses to Music for a Sunday: More prescient than the Gorillaz knew

  1. Paul Escobar says:

    Let it never be said that Elton John has principles:
    Elton John Sings at Rush Limbaugh’s 4th Wedding

  2. This is true. He made his boodle, now he thinks he can afford to sell out. Gonna cost him. I don’t own a single record of his, and I’m never going to now.

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