Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes on the G-20


Yes, it’s time for another of THOSE posts. Fear the Stumpy Cat! For she has been all over the Internets, and what she has found on the G-20 would frizz your hair…

Linda McQuaig notes that the real criminals all got off scot-free. Not surprisingly, the biggest ones were behind the fence. Downtown TO merchants have more to fear from them than from a few black-clad rock-throwers breaking their windows, and they know it.

Among the criminals who got off without so much as a slap on the wrist, count the Toronto Police. Dr. Dawg notes the use of rape threats (and actual sexual molestations), linking it to a strikingly similar tactic of war.

And the police don’t even have the excuse of actual crime prevention/solution to excuse their fascistic behavior. Among the innocent people caught up in their nets, count a CITYTV reporter; a Globe & Mail reporter; a UK Guardian reporter; a CTV videographer; and a large number of indymedia people.

Of course, if those awful anarchistic journos had really been serious, they would have gotten access to the wonderful Fake Lake, along with Christopher Robin the Bourgeois Kvetcher.

For those who doubt if the police used provocs, you can lay your doubts to rest. Substantial photographic evidence exists, as do videos. And if that’s not good enough, the police themselves have admitted to doing it in Québec. And they never did rule out that they would use it here. Refusing to confirm or deny should always be taken as a tacit admission of guilt from a public official, since those who have nothing to hide, will have no problem categorically denying the charges!

And that’s not even counting the “five-metre rule”, which Toronto police chief Bill Blair just made up as he was going along. Since when do cops get to make the laws in this country? Oh, since NEVER. Their job is strictly to enforce. When they take lawmaking into their own hands, that’s a direct subversion of democracy.

As is the fact that they deliberately let the “rioting” happen. You may or may not agree that they planted provocs (and if you don’t believe the evidence I posted above, fine), but it’s quite clear that they stepped aside when the rocks flew and the windows smashed, and it was all to justify their draconian approach later that day (and in the days that followed.)

And what is this bullshit? No arrests? I guess that makes 900 nonpersons taken into custody. Erwin Schrödinger’s cat has NOTHING on the Toronto cops for having it both ways.

Also, fuck you, Wikipedia. There were NO riots. Unless perhaps you’re referring to what the police inflicted on the citizens: tear gas, pepper spray, tasers and nasty projectiles. I stress that the people didn’t start that, nor did they fight back violently. All the protests against the police thuggery have been peaceful. The “rioting” was all on the part of the police. (Including the non-uniformed ones posing as “anarchists”.)

But the last word of the day really must go to Naomi Klein, who speaks for all of us when she tells the lot of them to “stop playing politics and public relations” with the lives of the citizens. Watch the video here.

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  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Heard Naomi’s analysis on Democracy Now!, and, as usual, it was spot on. All about justifying massive money for police toys, hotels for police, and over-time pay.
    And I remember videos you posted of provaks caught in the act of inciting violence. Caught red-handed. Wouldn’t be suprised if some of the black block were provak.
    Of course lamestream public radio here can be counted on to spread the pro-corporate meme.
    Thankfully we have Amy Goodman and others to cut through the distortion and mis-information.

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