Yes, it IS a sign from God. And not a reassuring one, either.


The glorious, Wicker Man-esque demise of Touchdown Jesus.

The arsonist? God herself.

The murder weapon? A lightning bolt.

Yes, kiddies, you read that right: A lightning bolt. The same the fundies keep telling us is going to hit us if we have sex before we’re married/have an abortion/have a same-sex romance/etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Or if we don’t go to church where they go to church, and peel off lots of the dollar bills to throw in the basket for Jesus.

No doubt that a lot of such money went into the construction of this fibreglass-and-plastic-foam monstrosity, which God finally saw fit to torch last night:


Fundies, if I were you, I’d take this as a sign that megachurches are not where God wants you to be.

PS: Looks like this is not the first of the Giant Jeezi to meet with an undignified end.

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1 Response to Yes, it IS a sign from God. And not a reassuring one, either.

  1. David says:

    Im not sure if mega-church goers will take this as a warning. Maybe when the coffee in the Starbucks in their lobby turns to blood, that’ll be something more concrete.

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