Cops Behaving Badly: G-20 Dickweed of the Day

He threatens to arrest a girl for blowing bubbles. BUBBLES, people. You know, those harmless, rainbow-swirly little things made of soap, water and air? The kind little kids blow all the time, and laugh hysterically over when one pops on them? To this dickweed, though, that’s “detergent”, and constitutes an “assault”.

Are you writing this down, people? Because it’s useful information. Next time they come at you with rubber or plastic bullets, tasers, pepper spray and tear gas, you can have THEM charged with assault in turn–all of those things are a LOT more dangerous to the public order than soap, water and air. And I’ve never seen them used legitimately–or harmlessly–on anyone yet.

Meanwhile, what’s the harm in a few soap bubbles? This big wuss sure seems to feel threatened by ’em. Maybe it’s because they would pop on him and stain his nice, black polyester uniform. Or leave a spot on his sunglasses, oh dear. How can you intimidate people when you’ve got soap splotches on your shades? How can you even take yourself seriously?


Dude really needs to lighten up, or man up, or both. Like the guy off-camera says, a billion of our tax dollars could have bought someone with a better attitude.

BTW, Dr. Dawg was taking names. Apparently, Dick Weed’s real moniker is A. Josephs.

A. Hole is more like it.

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2 Responses to Cops Behaving Badly: G-20 Dickweed of the Day

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    That is the most insane thing I believe I have ever seen. First of all, to charge someone with assault, they have to have touched your body with some part of THEIR BODY. A bubble is not a part of anyone’s body. And the touching has to be accomplished with the intent to put the person who is the object of the attack in great fear of bodily harm. Really? A 98 lb. girl against a 200+ lb. man who is trained in defensive measures. Incredible!

  2. Ben Gruagach says:

    A person like that police officer who has an obvious anger management, persecution, and thug-attitude problem should never have been allowed to put on the uniform in the first place let alone handle firearms or have to deal with the public.
    The police force should be ashamed of how that officer behaved towards the very people he’s there to serve and protect.

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