Economics for Dummies: Crises of Capitalism, made easy

A lecture by British sociologist David Harvey, accompanied by whiteboard cartoons. Suddenly, we can see why the US right-wing have been so busy trying to silence and/or expunge the voices of the left from their universities (hello, David Horowitz, we see what you did there.) We also see why the right has set up its ultra-capitalist, fundie-infused bogus “universities”, such as Liberty and Bob Jones, where NO voices from the left enter at all. It’s because leftists have ALWAYS known that capitalism never solves its crises, it just shifts them around. And of course, like Otto von Bismarck, Big Capital’s fat cats don’t want the masses knowing that (or even becoming very educated at all–hence the high rates of illiteracy in the US, and the complete lack of it in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, all of whom have socialist leaders.)

Fortunately, there are ways around everything, and this is one of the ways around that. You’ll come out of this with a very clear view of what’s wrong with the picture the capitalist media have drawn.

The only question remaining is, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

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3 Responses to Economics for Dummies: Crises of Capitalism, made easy

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Very cogent analysis by Harvey.
    What am I doing about it: learning to grow our own food naturally and sustainably. Developing our business/farm in the direction of helping other people (consumers) engage in growing their own food naturally. We also engage landscaping services through which we tend the gardens of the homes that we service.
    The small percentage of adroit and ‘thinking’ people in the community simply ‘get it’–the rest we don’t expend energy trying to convert.
    Also, we develop our means of production and distribution giving priority to ideas and behaviors that promote human solidarity and the well being of every person involved in our work.
    It is not really very difficult to learn to grow food sustainably–but it does require constant research, experimentation, failures, refining techniques, reflection, etc. This project requires the constant education of the entire workforce.
    But, despite the physical and economic hardships (pumping all profit back into the business), it’s all quite meaningful and enjoyable.
    When we get our shit together more, I would like to help develop urban gardens in places that are off the map of the corporations and politicos that cater to the dumbed-down consumers.
    Of course, there are efforts similar to ours being advanced all over the US and other countries–but these efforts make the true-believers in the current pathological model uncomfortable, because they empower people–and that is always threatening to the ruling class. Believe it.

  2. Yes, I see you DO get it. That’s green socialism right there. Un-American? Au contraire, it’s what the ORIGINAL Americans did all the time without hardly thinking about it, until all these white illegal immigrants started polluting their shores with puritanism and capitalism.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    The pilgrims of the vaunted Thanksgiving myth were so fucked up, in so many ways.
    Can you really not tell they were fucked up by just one thing: these imperialist, fanatical religious freaks put their belt buckles on their freak’n hats! How fucked up is that.
    Of course, what we are doing is a type of eco-socialism. Wouldn’t do it any other way.
    And, of course, the conformist, rightwing types are automatically disdainful and suspect of our organization.
    I have learned to just do what we do. If I can’t find common ground with people by helping them save money and have a lighter footprint on the earth, then it’s those that reject us that are fucked up. That reflects their own closed-minded habits of thinking.
    But the paranoid, violent alpha-males and patriarchy still predominate. The most freakishly deluded have antipathy toward our project(s)–those that have a modicum of sanity at least like to entertain the notion that they would like to do better…
    It’s weird, suffice it to say. I have learned the hard way what ‘not’ to say–and when I say something I keep it innocuous and simple.
    Sane and forward thinking, fair-minded people will gravitate to our endeavors. If that’s only five percent, that’s enough.

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