Economics for Dummies: Crisis Capitalism in a nutshell


The punchline? This is not a joke. This really IS how it works. The more these methods fail, the more their backers tout them as the antidote to the crisis they themselves DELIBERATELY made.

They really don’t care if the whole economy breaks, as long as THEIR part of it keeps rollin’ on in. And of course, they forget that if the WHOLE economy breaks, their part isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans, either.

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  1. Unequa says:

    Sorry to hit up your post, but did you ever find any info on Jasper? He’s cyber stalking a friend of mine now and we found him on your blog.

  2. He lives in Boston, apparently, if that’s any help. Try tracing his IP number (there are websites that can do it for free), and if he persists, contact his ISP. Hope this helps.

  3. Unequa says:

    Thanks. We have a list of IP addresses and dates, all of which seem to be Boston. I’ll narrow them down to see if there is a common element to the locations, like library addresses etc. Found your website due to him using the same bogus email here. He appears to have been trolling your site because of political issues, such as the above cartoon. He appears to be an extremist and just assumed my friend is a liberal..I think mostly because she isn’t extremely pro-Christianity. He made some assumptions and called her a “N…. lovin'” liberal and other things. She is going to ping you on her post. Thanks for your help and good luck with your blog. : )

  4. You’re quite welcome. BTW, he’s been banned from several progressive friends’ blogs, too. Serial harassment is quite a problem with him.

  5. WOW…you’ve been harrassed by Jasper, too??
    Apparently, he gets around a lot…he also happened to stalk a friend of mine — adult performer Julie Meadows — for calling out his muse Shelley Lubben for her hypocrisy and BS on claiming to “represent” all adult porn performers.
    And, he dropped the “N-bomb” on her, too (as in “N-loving skank”) Julie ultimately broke him off and banished him: the details are here:
    Thanks for the info on his IP addy…I now know what to do if he decides to invade SmackChron space….right after he gets the full gallon of SdC Whup-Ass, that is.
    Then again, considering the boot you gave him, he must be a glutton for punishment.
    Waaay too long I haven’t been here…nice to see that you still have your no-BS hammer working.

  6. Oh man, he IS a serial stalker. Whom hasn’t he harassed? Progressives, not-conservative-enough conservatives, minorities, women (especially women)…did I miss anyone? What a disgusting troll.
    And he says he’s into Family Values? He cyberstalked at least two pro-choice online friends of mine, and from their sites, once banned, he proceeded to hound me on mine. Funny, then, that he’d go trailing after Shelley and Julie. But not a bit out of character, either, since those who scream the loudest, tend to be the worst closet cases. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say our little racist pal has quite a few skeletons doing the watusi in that cabinet of his, and one of them is that he really has a way with the ladies…a way of ALIENATING them, that is.
    I think he needs to be reported to more than just his ISP…the police may be VERY interested in him. That much bad behavior is a sure sign of underlying criminality, or at least a serious mental case. If he’s not stalking people in real life as well, I’d be seriously surprised. And given the amount of race-baiting the right-wing talkers are doing of late, I’d say it’s just a matter of time before Jasper goes kaboom.
    (Dang, I just KNEW there was a reason his name was floating around in my head all this week, uninvited, after such a long time. Whenever that happens, something is up.)

  7. To be accurate, though, ‘Bina, he is much more a FAN of Shelley Lubben than a stalker of her…the main reason he went after Julie Meadows was because: (1) she was effectively digging into Lubben’s backside about the latter’s inconsistencies about her antiporn activism; (2) he absolutely HATES pro-choice women, especially if they also happen to defend porn, let alone be in porn; and (3) he seems to be just that much an asshole.
    And from reading the Stanek article, it looks as if as soon as he realized that Stanek was in fact “pro-life”, he stood down pretty quick; the conversation in that thread turned radically to dogs rather quickly.
    But yeah…sooner or later, probably sooner, he will get his Glenn Beck moment when he just goes over one line too far. I’m gonna just sit back and watch the resulting fireworks.

  8. Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. LOL on the Stanek thing–trolling one’s soulmate is just the thing for the Hardcore Stoopid.

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