Chavecito is in Colombia today…

…at the behest of his newly inaugurated local counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos. Will there be crow on the supper menu tonight at El Palacio Narquiño? Well, let’s let the photo of the day (tweeted by Andrés Izarra of Telesur) do the talking:


Chavecito wore his flag jacket, not a formal suit. Patriotic, rather than toadying/diplomatic, in other words. He gave a short speech at the airport, basically thanking Santos for the welcome and his willingness to talk peace (which Chavecito has always been for, anyway–never having declared war on Colombia, but rather closing the borders when it became obvious that the previous Narcopresidente of that land was getting belligerent with HIM.)

I don’t know what the outcome will be yet, but something tells me the ‘Cito will emerge on top.

EDIT: Another tweeted photo from Andrés Izarra…


Chavecito greets a crowd of Colombian well-wishers en route to the meeting place at San Pedro Alejandrino. D’you think they like him, maybe?

EDIT #2: Yup, they like him…they REALLY like him. Chavecito has stopped his caravan twice now to greet his Colombian fans, including this little one:


According to Andrés Izarra (whom you really should follow!), the crowd was yelling “Long Live Chávez!”

According to Venezuelan newspaper Panorama, this took place in the barrio of La Lucha, (appropriately, “The Struggle”), Santa Marta.

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