Crow is on the menu in Colombia lately


First it was Chavecito, now it’s El Ecuadorable heaping something black and feathery onto the plates in Bogotá. No, it’s not the chickens coming home to roost, it’s another bird entirely…

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, announced on Saturday the re-establishment of normal relations with Colombia, as a sign of dignity, justice, sovereignty and respect, on his weekly program called “Citizen Link”.

“We will re-establish relations with Colombia for the good of our countries and our peoples,” said the Ecuadorian leader, in response to an invitation to a bilateral meeting with the new president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who was inaugurated on August 7.

It is worth emphasizing that while demonstrating goodwill in re-establishing bilateral relations, the Ecuadorian president has not forgotten the reason for which the two countries became estranged, since in his estimation, an “illegal bombardment” is not to be so easily forgotten. At that time, Santos was the defence minister of Colombia, who authorized the military action of March 1, 2008, without informing or receiving permission from the government of Ecuador.

Correa pointed out that at the root of this event that violated the sovereignty of his nation, there were members of the FARC, and reiterated that he had never met a member of the FARC, “but they accuse us of being accomplices in order to justify an absolutely illegal bombing, disloyal and unjust.”

Correa also maintained that there are illegal FARC camps in the rainforests of Peru, which are much more inaccessible than the equatorial rainforests of the Ecuador/Colombia border. “But no one has accused Alan García of being in league with the FARC,” meaning that “the truth is self-evident”, and now the whole world knows it, since his government and country enjoy great prestige. “We have an immense credibility at the national and international level,” Correa concluded.

Translation mine.

And of course, Santos and his magic laptop have ZERO credibility. That may be a reason why things are suddenly warming up between him and his two alienated neighbors. Colombia stands to lose a lot more than Venezuela or Ecuador if things stay in the deep-freeze much longer. Hence, out comes the old crow, thawed and ready to eat.

Karma, babies.

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