I wouldn’t call it unpredictable

I would, in fact, call this simply shameful:

Canada’s position on human rights issues is becoming harder and harder to predict, says Amnesty International’s newly appointed boss.

Salil Shetty said Monday that Canada is now taking drastically different positions in areas such as torture and the death penalty where it has traditionally been progressive.

“Generally speaking if you talk to most Canadians, there’s a big gap between what they believe Canada does and what the reality is in terms of government policy and actions,” Shetty said in an interview.

“It’s a G8 country, it’s a major world power and it has produced so many leaders on these issues, so it has (had) a trendsetting or agenda-setting role.”

Amnesty’s new secretary general said it’s hard to know where Canada stands on many issues.

“You could predict where Canada stood on many of the issues in the past and now you can’t be sure,” Shetty said before delivering a speech at the CIVICUS World Assembly, a gathering of civil society groups.

Salil, it’s not so bewildering when you consider who’s in charge of us here:


Just take the most noxious right-wing positions you find kicking around to the south of us, transpose them up here, give them a sweater vest and a bland non-accent, and voilà! Instant explanation for what’s been ailing us up here in Beaverlandia.

Most of us are perfectly capable of grasping why Omar Khadr needs to be repatriated and stand a fair trial here. We’re Canadian, we like justice. But Harpo is US Repug Lite, and he doesn’t.

Most of us are in favor of refugee claimants, whatever their origins, getting a fair hearing from immigration. We’re Canadian, we remember how many of us (or our forebears) came as immigrants and/or refugees. But Harpo is US Repug Lite, and he doesn’t.

Most of us are in favor of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. We’re Canadian, and we cherish those rights. But Harpo is US Repug Lite, and he doesn’t.

Most of us are in favor of basic human rights as set forth by the United Nations. We’re Canadian, and we take pride in our long-standing record as UN supporters and peacekeepers. But Harpo is…

…well, you get the picture.

Harpo is un-Canadian, and it’s time to haul him the fuck out of office. That is all.

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