In which a persistent hasbara troll gets pwned…again.


Hey! Remember how a few weeks ago, a wanker calling himself Jamie, and using a spoofed hotmail address, outed himself here? Well, he’s ba-ack…and seeing as he’s apparently also a masochist, I think I’ll play with him a bit before I feed him to the spam eater for good:

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This is also the Germany where police stood idly by as pro-Palestine

protesters broke into a house to rip down an Israeli flag in the


Palestine is an apartheid society towards Jews and women –

pro-Palestinians are supporters of apartheid. Long live Israel!

Commenter name: Jamie

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Needless to say, I’m not approving any more comments from this chicken-shit troll; after this, you’ll never hear from “Jamie” again. Anyone who doesn’t have the guts to post a real e-mail address doesn’t deserve the dignity of being treated like a real commenter. But since he thought to “educate” me earlier about things I already know (and frankly don’t give two shits about), I think it’s time we educated HIM, yes?

So, with that in mind, I googled for the incident which he claimed took place. I wasn’t expecting it to be real. But apparently, if all the pro-Israel whore media sites are to be believed, mirabile dictu, it was. Only, as you can probably guess, “Jamie” got the details grievously wrong. Here’s the JTA on the incident (emphasis added):

Berlin police remove Israeli flags

January 12, 2009

BERLIN (JTA) — Police removed two Israeli flags from the window of an apartment building along the route of an anti-Israel protest in a German town.

The incident in the city of Duisburg occurred toward the end of the Jan. 10 rally.

Demonstrators, mostly of Turkish background, were on their way home when they apparently spotted the two flags hanging in the fourth-floor window. Until then the two-hour demonstration had proceeded “without incident,” the brief police report read.

Demonstrators stopped and “threw snowballs and other objects until the police removed the flags.”

The young couple living in the apartment reported the incident in a blog entry. According to Sebastian M., he and his girlfriend hung two Israeli flags out their window, which was along the route where some 10,000 anti-Israel demonstrators were to pass.

“During the demonstration which went through our street, the police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel,” Sebastian M. wrote, adding that the police said they were concerned that demonstrators would break into the building.

“We both were standing on the other side of the street and were shocked by seeing a police officer standing in our bedroom and opening the window to get the flag,” he added.

So…no protesters broke into the house. The police–the same Berlin police whose chief wants to film peaceful protests (including, no doubt, Palestine supporters)!–came and took this little attempt at provocation (and pathetic try at victimhood) down. In so doing, they saved the little idiot provocateurs’ necks. The incident was nipped in the bud, and no one got hurt.

And Jamie the ingrate doesn’t even thank the Berlin police for doing their job correctly and keeping the peace between two angry factions. Instead he defames them, with the classic (and patently false) “Good German” smear, no less, saying they “stood idly by”. Nice, eh? Tells you something very unflattering about his character, and why he feels he has to hide behind a fake e-mail address. Jamie is a crapagandist, and not even a very good one, since even the smelly hasbara-media contradicts him.

Now, about that Palestinian smear. Isn’t it funny that Jamie feels the need to claim that Palestinians do…what Israelis themselves do, namely discriminate against Jews and women?

While the Knesset focuses on legislation pertaining to Muslim veils, it ignores processes the continuously reinforce the exclusion and humiliation of Jewish women.

We already saw women being pushed to the backs of buses (an ongoing affair despite the High Court’s ruling on the case,) women confined to one side of the streets in Jerusalem’s haredi neighborhoods, and the humiliation of Mizrahi girls in Emmanuel. Earlier this week, we were told about the violent removal of girls from a go-karting facility at the same community.

At the end of this process we can expect to have a state managed by haredi men who discriminate against and humiliate women.

We’ve become accustomed to taking for granted political parties who disqualify women from taking office. These parties are nonetheless allowed to run in the elections, join governments, and lead the country despite their discriminatory conduct. Indeed, the State of Israel permits open, explicit, and legal disqualification of and discrimination against women; many women in this country are deprived of the basic civilian, democratic right to be elected.

Note that this is from an Israeli news site also.

BTW, Jamie is also full of shit when it comes to Palestinians in Gaza and their attitudes toward Jews and women:

Edith Lutz, a German Jewish member of the organization, said to Ynet the vessel is already anchored in Mediterranean waters, and that the organization had received many requests from Jews and non-Jews to take part in the flotilla.

“We began in Germany,” she said, “but many have called us from England, Sweden and the US. There may also be another boat accompanying us, mainly carrying reporters.”

Lutz explained that the Jewish flotilla aims to convey a message: Lift the siege.

“Our vessel can open a window between Israel and Gaza residents,” she said. “Two years ago I took part in the Free Gaza flotilla and wore a Magen David (Star of David), and the kids said, ‘Look, she’s Jewish,’ and they all accepted me very well. When we met (Hamas leader) Ismail Haniyeh and they told him about me, he turned to me and said they have nothing against Jews or Israel, only against the occupation.”

Emphasis added.

German Jewish women are welcome in “apartheid” Gaza when they come in the name of peace! Who’d of thunk? Bueller?

There’s only one bitch here, Jamie, and it’s you.

PS: Jamie, I’m serious–post shit like this, and it’s no wonder no one will “debate” you:

Oh “kiddie rockets”? Did a “kiddie rocket” cause this, Sabina – after_rocket_attack_from_Gaza.jpg/170px-Beersheva_kindergarten_after_rocket_atta ck_from_Gaza.jpg It’s some “kiddie rocket” that can do this much damage – x-Grad_Beersheba.jpg Try explaining to this guy of the little “ki
ddie rockets” that cause this – It’s very annoying when jumped up little trolls like you get blogs and read a few articles on Electronic Intifada, then think you know everything about the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Well get this you piece of pig-shit – YOU DON’T. You don’t know jack-shit you stupid whore, so stop pretending you do, give up your stupid commie blog and sink into a life of loneliness and misery like you deserve. It’s funny that you always claim any criticism of Israel is struck-down as anti-Semitism (which is, of course, a malicious lie, no doubt invented so you lot could cover up real anti-Semtism), but any debate to the bullshit you blog about is called “trolling” and anyone who dares question of the screed of ‘Bina is a “masochist”. Go fuck yourself you hypocritical piece of shit. (Oh, PS, that court rulling on the buses has been enforced and the whole situation came about not through state-sanctioned sexism, but from the intolerance of the Orthodox community. As for the women Knesset members – there are many. The State of Israel has no statutes banning women or Arabs from becoming members of the Knesset – it’s just that some parties don’t run them as candidates and those parties get voted in. Such is democracy. It would be wrong to ban these parties – fascist, even. You’ve got to stop equating the State of Israel with private establishments.) If you hate that some people say every criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic, then why do you actively call every supportive statement of Israel “hasbara”? – That just highlights your inadequacies as a debater.

See why I don’t want this turd coming back, and why anything else he writes will not be acknowledged, just flushed? This was his third strike; baseball rules. I have standards, and this is definitely lowering the tone of the discourse. (In fact, his mere presence does that.)

Now, let’s get a few things straight: This is MY blog (which I’m definitely NOT giving up), and I don’t bow and scrape to fascist idiots of ANY stripe here. I also don’t take abuse in the form of ANY “jumped-up troll” (nice bit of projection there, Jamie, that’s YOU) trying to “educate” me from the viewpoint of one who only reads rightard crap. As if he had anything of worth to impart. He probably knew he had nothing of value to say. Why else would he come on here all nasty, snotty and aggressive, calling me a bitch from the get-go when spouting his simplistic shit, using his spoofed (and poorly spelled) e-mail address as a vehicle for the limp-dicked insult?

And then he goes on doing it. Not once more, but twice. He comes into my house three times, each time leaving a steaming brown pile on the floor, and still expects me to treat him with tolerance, while not according ME the same dignity. Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Jamie.

And then he thinks he can lecture ME on debating? Bwahahahaha. Check out his masterful screed above–doesn’t he have have a brilliant future ahead of him in the British House of Lords? (Whenever his testicles decide to drop, that is?) “Hypocritical piece of shit”–project much, again? Pretending to care about women, and then turning around and calling them ugly names when they don’t simper and go “Oh, I’m sorry, you were right, don’t mind me, I’ll slink back into obscurity now like a good little woman”? Yep, winning gambit there, dude. (Snort.)

No wonder you’re anonymous, Jamie–if I were as inept at this debating thing as you, and got my ass kicked good and hard for it by some leftist chick I thought I could batter into submission, I wouldn’t want the world to know who I was, either.

And you even got pwned with material from your own side! How painful is that? Pretty damn painful, judging from the venom of the response. I thought using the pro-Israeli press to refute your nonsense would make an impression, but apparently it made no more impact on your little leaden skull than a Hamas rocket.

Free advice, Jamie, not that you’re likely to take it, seeing as your reading comprehension is terribly poor: If you want to be respected, be respectful. LEARN TO READ, DAMMIT. (And make it something other than your silly wingnut blogs, fergawdsakes, they’re nothing but a godforsaken echo chamber full of feces-flinging howler monkeys and rabid bats.) Stop your infantile whining. Dump your damn hypocrisy. Quit hating women. In fact, just quit hating, period. Use a real e-mail address, learn to apologize when you’ve been rude and wrong, and keep a civil tongue in your head–how hard is that? I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

And I don’t have to tolerate anyone who “thinks” otherwise. Baseball rules…


Adios, “bith”. And don’t bother replying on anything else here, either.

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3 Responses to In which a persistent hasbara troll gets pwned…again.

  1. Wren says:

    This guy just made the moral equivalency between what Israel did and continues to do with the removal of a flag?
    *double facepalm* Hasbara and its believers are getting more pathetic by the day.
    I don’t think even Norman Finkelstein could have done a better job of refuting this guy, ‘Bina.

  2. I wouldn’t call it moral equivalency. Plainly he thinks there’s a moral equivalence between a few toy Hamas rockets and what the Nazis did at Auschwitz, though. Israelis saints, Palestinians Nazis, blah, blah, lather rinse repeat.

  3. Wren says:

    You’re right. It’s just that old fallacy that any criticism of Israel or protest in this case is really anti-Semitism with misogyny tagged on for good measure. Hasbara believers never get tired of cutting down that straw man.

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