Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx’s must-reads, a two-fer


Before I decided to knock off for the nochy, Ms. Manx meowed at me. That’s a gentle reminder that there’s a couple of things she wants you to read, so here they are:

Mi amigo Orwell’s Barstid has a thoughtful treatise up on his site about how conservatism–formerly honorable–has lost its mind in the age of crapitalism and corruption. Ms. Manx concurs heartily that it is a shame that right-wing radicals of all stripes have thrown out a lot of babies with the bathwater, and wants you all to know that back in the day, she really liked Ontario Premier Bill Davis–a truly Red Tory who made public education his main priority. Sadly, as far as the HarpoCons are concerned, the Red Tories are Dead Tories.

And then there’s this other guy, Alex Himelfarb, whom I don’t know from Adam’s housecat, but DAMN, he ties together some seemingly unrelated issues in a dynamite post on bargain-basement citizenship. Ms. Manx wants out of the bargain basement; she’s seen what’s on offer down there, and she says it smells musty and is very ill-fitting and beneath the dignity of man and beast alike.

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