Surprise! G20 “security” law is nothing of the sort!

How on Earth does an anti-German war-measures act from 1939, which effectively became null and void at war’s end, get dug out again for use against peaceful protesters–nearly 30 years after our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was formally enacted to prevent just such things? Well, apparently it’s just for show, because any charges laid under it go poof when it’s time to take it to court!

I guess Pierre Trudeau’s good old Charter trumps Harpo and his sneak-thievish drive for supremacy after all (and along with him, Dalton “The Enabler” McGuinty.)

Be sure to watch it all. You’ll get a chuckle out of the flustered police spokesman, who clearly wasn’t expecting any reporters to challenge the official version of the bullshit–much less forearmed with the facts, as Paul Jay clearly was.

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One Response to Surprise! G20 “security” law is nothing of the sort!

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    What in the Hell does a cop know about the law? All he apparently knows is how to bust heads when his master tells him to bust heads.
    I don’t know if Canada follows the same general interpretation of the Charter of Rights as the US does with its Constitution, but the very act of violation of the constitutional right is considered a compensable tort. Just the fact that they arrested him and detained him, then have no proof that he had ever committed any chargeable offense under the Charter of Rights, manufactured or actual, would be compensable in the US and I mean juries have gone insane in their awards for these. Hopefully Canadians will go insane too and hopefully, the Charter carries the same interpretation as our Constitution since the interpretation of bout derives from English Common Law.
    Wow! That’s frightening. You don’t know how close you are to a police state until things like this happen.

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