Teh Heterostoopid: Well, I guess it beats having a crack baby…


…but still, this is NOT responsible parenting (duh).

The mother of a baby who appeared to be smoking a bong told a detective she thought it was funny that her 11-month-old son put the bong into his mouth and looked like he was smoking pot, according to court documents released Thursday.

Rachel Stieringer, 19, of Keystone Heights, was arrested on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia following the infamous photograph that attracted so much attention on the Internet.

Detectives said Stieringer admitted to having the bong in her bedroom. She told investigators she was cleaning her room one day and her young son crawled in and put the pipe up to his mouth, according to the documents.

Stieringer said that’s when she snapped a picture of it on her phone, detectives said.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Stieringer admitted to sending the pictures to a few friends but told detectives she had no idea how it got posted to her Facebook account.

The affidavit says Stieringer failed a drug test and had traces of marijuana in her system.

Gee, you don’t suppose it got posted to Facebook while she was zonked, do you? And unless she was in the habit of giving her password to friends, I’d say it was she herself who posted it, and just doesn’t want to admit it for fear of looking worse than she already does. An understandable reaction, but still, when you’re on the road to motherhood, it’s time to put your bong-smoking days behind you, lest you end up with a kid who repeats all your juvenile mistakes.

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3 Responses to Teh Heterostoopid: Well, I guess it beats having a crack baby…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    A wee-bit of close-mindedness and intolerance on your part here Bina.
    Not the first time that I’ve picked up priggishness on your part, but this one hits close to home because i have a good many friends with kids and bongs–indigenous, Honduran, Jamacian, white, etc.
    Piggies should direct their snouts elsewhere.
    Great photo! by the way. If the state doesn’t take this woman’s kid away forever, it will be a nice child photo for the album.

  2. If she’d only kept this photo for her private album, instead of posting it online, there might not have been a problem. Cops are NEVER understanding about things like this.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Well, chaulk it up to youthful stupidity. If this person is not careful they will take the kid. Word.
    Anyway, if she tries to start a political campaign called “bongs for babies” I will refuse to defend the woman.
    At least she isn’t involved in hate-fests directed at Moslems or gay folk. People that smoke herb are far less likely to engage in hate. No hard stats, but I am pretty comfortable with the generalization.

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