Arrested for telling it like it is


Anti-Uribe demonstrators at work.

Land of the free, home of the brave…unless, of course, you’re trying to use your freedom and show your bravery by confronting a human-rights abuser at Georgetown University, in Washington, DC:

A member of a non-governmental organization was arrested for shouting at Alvaro Uribe at Georgetown University.

The arrestee started to yell at the ex-president while he was delivering a talk in Washington.

The incident took place during professor Eric Langenbacher’s class on comparative political systems, which was being held in the ICC Auditorium of the university.

A large number of students were in attendance, as were members of the “Adios Uribe” coalition, which was formed to oppose the presence of the former Colombian president.

At one point during the exchange of questions and answers, Uribe declared that his government had not violated any human rights.

At that moment, Nico Udu-Gama, a member of “Adios Uribe” and SOA Watch, began to shout insults at the former president. Police then arrived and arrested him for disturbing the peace.

“Adios Uribe” has called for marches in all university buildings where Uribe will be speaking, no matter how small the attendance. On average, there are no more than 20 attendees per appearance.

After the incident, Uribe gave another class, but on that occasion, the police were already present and prevented demonstrators from entering the lecture hall.

Translation mine.

I just noticed something that made me grin: “Adios Uribe Coalition” has the same initials as the paramilitary terror group El Narco has ties to in Colombia. I’m sure that’s no coincidence. Just a shame that the police are arresting demonstrators, and not HIM–he deserves it much more.

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