Best bad book review EVER.


Something (and that something being Thwap) tells me that a certain putz from out west is about to be fast-tracked to the remainder bin. His latest parvum opus is obviously financed by tar-sands profiteers, since it paints their dirty oil as “ethical”. Here’s all you really need to know about it:

It is so surprisingly bad that one would think that Levant spent two-thirds of the time he was supposed to be writing the book reaching under his belly to jerk himself off to his fantasies about Stockwell Day.

And if that called up an awful picture in your mind, you’re far from alone. I have it on good authority that Ezzy’s schlong is only two centimetres in length when fully erect. I also know what LaughingStock looks like in his wetsuit; it’s an uninspiring vision, to say the least.

EDIT: Great minds, etc.

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