Good luck with that tour, Alejandro…

…because something tells me you’re gonna need it, if this is any indication of the reception you’re bound to get in Venezuela:


Basically, the mediocre Spanish singer is asking Chavecito for permission to enter Venezuela. (You may recall that he got a shirt from a fan reading “Chávez Sucks”, not so long ago. And he was not at all shy of waving it around like a flag.)

Well, Luigino Bracci, who blogs here, took exception to that and cordially invited Sanz to stuff a hot potato down his pants. (Or words to that effect. How many people north of the Río Grande eat yucca, anyway?)

And he’s far from alone in that sentiment; other Venezuelan tweeters were equally vocal, and they got retweeted over and over and over again. Given that the Venezuelan twittersphere has gone rojo rojito since Chavecito got on the tweeter, that’s a lot of pissed-off little birdies who think Sanz sucks.

Alejandro Sanz might want to purchase a pair of kneepads, if he doesn’t already own any. He’s got a LOT of grovelling ahead of him. And I do hope he likes the taste of mierda, because he’s gonna be eating it three squares a day.

EDIT, Wednesday the 8th @ 5:47 PM: Ha, ha…look who I scooped. I had this post up two days ago.

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