Guess who’s gonna lose on September 26?


I’ll give you a broad hint: It’s the ones who have no platform, and nothing but stupid gimmicks.

An opposition candidate in next month’s Venezuelan legislative elections is holding a breast implant raffle to fund his campaign, he said in a newspaper interview published Friday.

“The raffle is a legal method. We decided on breast implants because we wanted to target a specific public sector,” Gustavo Rojas told El Universal.

“Raffle tickets on sale now: win a breast implant operation for yourself or your partner,” Rojas announces on his website.

The interview does not mention either the cost of a breast implant operation or how much money Rojas expects to get with the raffle.

This guy is with the right-wing Primero Justicia party. “Justice First” is actually not very justice-oriented, if they have to resort to this kind of sexist pandering. They’ve resorted to other pandering in the past, promising to clean up the garbage and fight crime. And what did they do when elected?


The Caracas barrio, Petare, has a Primero Justicia mayor, Carlos Ocariz. His cops are more interested in repressing Chavistas, and the bright yellow garbage bins–the PJ party color–are overflowing, with no sign of a pickup truck in sight.

Guess who’s gonna lose the municipal elections of the 26th? The party with the biggest boobs, that’s who.

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3 Responses to Guess who’s gonna lose on September 26?

  1. Manaat says:

    The elections on the 26th are for the legislature, not local (municipal) elections. The municipal elections should be in 2012, unless there’s a referendum to revoke Ocariz’s mandate.

  2. Shit, that’s right. But there probably will be a recall referendum for Ocariz, and I bet it will oust him. His garbage problem and repressive cops aren’t sitting well with the locals.

  3. Richard says:

    Sounds like that candidate is going to go tits up. 🙂

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