Honduras coup redux: Bananas in pajamas, part 2


So who says history never repeats? First the robber barons of corporate media oust a legitimately elected president of Honduras, and now they threaten to do the same with a more dubious one who still follows in his predecessor’s footsteps a bit too closely for their liking…

The president of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, reiterated on Monday that he had received threats, along with offers of “pajamas”, alluding to the coup d’état that toppled the former president, Manuel Zelaya, in June 2009. Zelaya was taken prisoner by the military and expelled from the country in his pajamas.

“Some people think they can scare me. They threaten me and even offer pajamas,” said Lobo, who is embroiled in a controversy due to the assignment of a television frequency to the government. The frequency is being claimed by a businessman in a court case.

Lobo had previously denounced telephone calls telling him to “buy a good pair of pajamas”.

The controversy over the frequency of Channel 8 dates back to 2007, when the National Telecommunications Commission of Honduras initially conceded the frequency to businessman Elías Asfura, but later handed it to the government.

Various media, the Communications Media Association of Honduras, and the Honduran College of Journalists, have expressed support for Asfura, but the government has defended the congressional decision to assign the frequency to the state.

Translation mine.

If you think you’ve read this story before, you probably have. (More than once, I might add, since the same was tried, with less success, in Venezuela, before and after the termination of RCTV’s over-the-air licence.) Communications media were not just instrumental to the Honduran coup of last year, they were behind it right up to their eyeballs. Go to Machetera now, and keep clicking and reading.

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3 Responses to Honduras coup redux: Bananas in pajamas, part 2

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Filed under the category of ‘what goes around…’.
    Funny how Honduras and Haiti slip so quickly from the attention of the so-called ‘progressive’ internets here in the US.
    Not that they gave much of a fuck about Honduras before.
    I try to tell the crackers that human oppression anywhere…..
    Well, if you wonder why left-progs in the US get their ass handed to them time after time, it is rooted in the passive consumerism that is so indelibly etched on the psyche of the body politic.
    Very few get out from in front of the computer screen to actually organize people. That takes hard work. It’s more fun to throw mud at the looney rightwing.
    They thought that getting their messiah, Obama, elected was enough–and, meanwhile, the rightwing out-organizes the progressives. My, how they were/are dumbstruck when the Tea-baggers started disrupting town-hall meetings.
    They watched the health-care debate evolve into an “Obamacare” horror movie in slow motion.
    Yeah, making already strapped working class people take their dwindling incomes and give it over to for-profit insurance vultures was such ‘brilliant’ political strategy.
    I will never forgive Obama for Honduras, never. Unlike most of the ‘left’, I saw the fear and oppression myself.
    Obama doesn’t have any progressive vision, never did.

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    But, Bina, I have to state that I will vote for him again in the face of a possible rightwing presidency.
    I might be impolitic and dissident, but I’m not on crack.

  3. Can’t say I blame you; I’d do the same. He’s far from perfect, but what he’s up against is even further from it.

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