Jaime Bayly: Gay or not gay?


Sounds like someone is flirting with confusion:

Peruvian journalist and writer Jaime Bayly, who wanted to be a presidential candidate in 2011, said that his gay side was eclipsed when he revealed he would be a father for the third time during his TV program, broadcast from Lima.

“God wants me to be a father, not a president,” joked Bayly, 45, who said that his girlfriend Silvia, 21, was expecting a baby in April 2011, coincidentally the same month as the Peruvian presidential election.

“I’m not gay, I can’t be gay, I still like women. I met Silvia and fell in love with her. Two things happened: She cured my impotence; and, in falling in love with her, my gay side was eclipsed,” said Bayly, who is as famous for his jokes as he is for his novels.

His future fatherhood would also have a direct effect upon his desire to be a candidate, Bayly said, declaring that “the presidential salary won’t be enough for me to support three children.”

Bayly, who directs the program “The Sniper”, in which he plays with an image of bisexuality cultivated in his novels, is the father of two girls by his first marriage. A self-declared “provocateur”, “left liberal”, and defender of abortion and gay marriage, Bayly polled a voting intention that fluctuated between 5% and 8%.

Translation mine.

Readers may recall that I translated a piece by Jaime Bayly a while back, in which he revealed that Guido Antonini Wilson, the perpetrator of the briefcase-bribery scandal in Argentina, was actually opposed to Chavecito, and was actively trying to bring him down through the “Valijagate” incident. Bayly met Antonini, who tried to befriend him, and found him a tad hinky; in the end, no real friendship ensued.

I don’t doubt that Bayly is still bisexual; falling in love with women doesn’t preclude the gay side of him from rearing its head (which it may well do again at some time in the future, Silvia notwithstanding). He’s a pretty mixed-up character, from what I hear; he was recently in rehab for cocaine addiction; no word on if he’s actually recovered. Time and reflection will help him a lot more with all his issues than facetious denials, but that’s something only he will be able to find out for himself. And I do hope he will.

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8 Responses to Jaime Bayly: Gay or not gay?

  1. Paul Escobar Veeeatch! says:

    I have two gay friends (Who I regularly try to tempt back with Vida Guerra posters!).
    Without exception, they’ve either rolled their eyes or scoffed at the very notion of “bisexuality“.
    My little theory is…
    If Jaime could marry & raise children as a homosexual in Peru, Silvia wouldn’t be in the picture.
    But full disclosure: I’m a straight guy who regularly describes his girlfriends haircut as “dykey“.
    Not exactly the expert you want on gay issues.
    P/S – Never saw that post about Guido. Veeeerrryyy interesting!

  2. Well, here’s the thing: According to Kinsey, there’s a continuum; being gay or straight is not like a switch in which there’s an On and an Off position. There ARE points in between, although people at either end of the continuum are typically unaware of them, and often react with hostility to anyone who falls on one of the points in between. Those who’ve been militant in the gay-rights movement were/are particularly hostile, maybe because they resent how the rights and privileges they worked so hard to win are being taken advantage of people who, in their eyes, aren’t serious or committed enough. People who just play around and ride free are out there, and yeah, they piss people off for it. Considering that there are a lot of “down low” gays out there who pretend to be straight in order to keep their jobs and/or kids, it’s understandable. But there are plenty of real bisexuals out there, too, especially among women, who are apparently more “fluid” that way, if the latest psychological research has anything to say. I’ve known a few women who were married with kids but still had both male and female short-term partners on the side.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Interesting man. As far as being gay or bi is concerned, i think that it’s all good.
    Monogamy isn’t particularly ‘natural’–but honestly with one’s self and with other people is essential.
    More, there are serious diseases that can be spread with promiscuity.
    In a world where patriarchy is threatening the possibility of human and all other life on the planet, i think it is essential to talk patriarchy from off that ledge, staring in to the maw of the abyss.
    Cocaine and other addictions don’t play; but let’s also look at why humans do ‘drugs’ outside of the lineage of sacred/religious tribal consumption.
    It is obvious that this man is a thinker who feels the experience of life deeply.
    By the way, our company’s main worker hails from a middle class Peruvian family. He is now my family, as are his wife and kids.
    Despite having a ruling class that needs to be controlled and countered, Peru has many interesting, quality people. I’d like to see the country one day.

  4. Peru’s a great country, no question about it; problem is, it doesn’t yet have the leadership it deserves. It makes do with one corporatist asshole after another because there’s just too much money to be made in being a sellout. Alan García used to be anti-imperialist before he discovered how much easier it is to lie down, get fat, and let them walk all over him and his country. It’s pathetic!

  5. Paul Escobar says:

    “…women, who are apparently more “fluid” that way, if the latest psychological research has anything to say…
    I’ve known a few women who had both male and female short-term partners on the side.”

    The latest psychological research suggests that 99% of men are intrigued!
    (Don’t worry, there’s someone here who will punch my shoulder on behalf of all feminists.)

  6. Erm…by “fluid”, I should add, I did not mean “open to being watched/inviting third parties to join in during”.
    Just sayin’.

  7. Slave Revolt says:

    Alan Garcia, “Mr. Two Breakfasts” has an appearance that epitomizes his more base tendencies. On the other hand, Chavez wears his weight well, in keeping with his healthy spirit.
    Fakes and opportunists are rife across the political spectrum. But there are configurations of ideological tendencies and nations where they abound more than others.
    Garcia has to live with his legacy of bad-faith and propensity to sell-out. That is some painful fucking punishment, indeed.

  8. Manaat says:

    Actually I too know more female bisexuals than male bisexuals.

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