Short ‘n’ Stubby: Oompa Loompa doompa de doo…


Ms. Manx has recommendations for you…

First up, the sharp-eyed good folks at Palingates have unearthed some interesting dirt on the Paliness’s alleged pregnancy with Trig. I say “alleged” for a couple of reasons–one, she didn’t look pregnant when she was supposedly expecting him (and this, mind you, was a woman who’d been big as the side of a barn with all her previous children). She didn’t act it, either, flying to conferences at a time when any normal pregnant lady’s nesting instinct–and the advice of her physician against air travel at the final stage of a high-risk pregnancy–should have kicked in. But the most interesting–and telling–bit? She couldn’t keep her own story straight! Go read, and see for yourselves.

Next, Tbogg has some fun stuff on Christine O’Donnell, the teabag who’s gonna lose November’s race for a senate seat in Delaware. How on Earth did such an idiot get voted Republican candidate for the seat, anyway? I’m guessing Delaware Repukes didn’t get any prior information on the then pre-candidate. None. And that’s including her “dabbling into witchcraft”–complete with a vaguely described midnight picnic on a bloody satanic altar, ooh-ahh. (This Witch calls shenanigans; we don’t even HAVE a Satan, much less do blood sacrifices to him or anyone, let alone have a giggly widdle picnic on the altar afterwards.) But that’s teabaggery for you; it’s not about substance, it’s about image, and cute, bible-thumping brunettes with no brains and a dubious school and work record are the It Girls right now–just ask Half-Governor Palin.

And finally, to explain how all this came about, go to Salon and read this. I think David Sirota just about nails it when he writes,

We instead tell ourselves that by joining the cartoonish pseudo-events, we will magically defuse pressing crises — even as our participation in those pseudo-events allows those crises to fester.

Bingo. And part of that participation is voting for the cartoonish idiots–or going to their churches.

And that concludes the broadcast day, Mike Teavee.

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