Do you know somebody like this?

If you do, beware. This is what psychopathy looks like:

CALGARY–Police fear they are dealing with a person who lacks a moral conscience after someone left the severed head of a cat on a doorstep in a northeast Calgary neighbourhood.

Det. Scott Sampson says police fear the sociopath could commit more violent acts and are asking the public to come forward with tips.

The cat’s head was found on Monday while police were investigating a nearby arson case that happened in August.

Sampson says he believes the arson and the death of the cat are related.

He says anyone who would set fire to a home with people inside and then kill an innocent animal is showing all the traits of a sociopath.

And the scariest part is, the culprit’s identity is still unknown.That means this person–this psychopath–has no difficulty “passing” as nice and normal. And that’s why he’s still on the loose.

And there are lots of others like him. Just google the terms “cat killer” sometime. I got over 3 million search results.

That’s a lot of psycho.

People shy away from glassy-eyed zombies who talk to themselves on the street, but they let their guard down for the really horrible, utterly conscienceless ones like this guy. And when they do, terrible things happen. Ted Bundy was practically the model of a nice young man whom nobody suspected of being a serial killer. So was Paul Bernardo. So was John Gacy. So, until recently, was Russell Williams. That was how they all got away with the horrible things they did for so long. And had their masks not slipped, they might still be out there, doing their worst.

Remember this the next time you hear another of those stories where people say of a sadistic thug that he “seemed so normal”!

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