Evo, rest?


Ohhhh…owwww. That looks painful, Evo! But will you take your doctor’s advice?

Specialists in orthopedics and physiotherapy recommended today that Bolivian president Evo Morales take up to ten days of bed rest, since he injured a leg playing soccer on the weekend.

The doctors suggested the rest period after an accident in which the inner front surface of the president’s right leg received a violent impact from a sudden collision with Daniel Cartagena, a player for the Alcaldía, in a friendly match.

After evaluating the president, Dr. Robert Baldellón remarked on a painful limp in the president’s gait, indicating a functional limitation.

The president, who was at work today, is taking inti-inflammatory medication and applying ice to reduce the pain and regain mobility.

Translation mine.

Heh…true to form, Evo is choosing to tough it out rather than rest. Even on doctors’ orders, this hard-working leader won’t quit. Admirable, but I’d say he’s earned a time-out. And besides, he’s got Alvaro García Linera…who’s no slouch either. Evo, listen to your docs and delegate for a change!

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3 Responses to Evo, rest?

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Agreed. If Cute Boy from Ecuador had taken his doctor’s advice and stayed in bed until his knee was better, he wouldn’t have been where those slimy CIA puppets could grab him.
    Ah, our hard-working, hard-headed socialist leaders of the Axis of Evo. When are they going to learn that sometimes when they do they unexpected, like taking their doctor’s advice instead of trying to settle a made-up police strike by themselves, they might make the CIA overplay their hand and actually capture some of the bastards.
    God wouldn’t that be funny. Parading the CIA types, along with their documents, in Quito, La Paz, Brasilia, Caracas and then, under diplomatic immunity, take them to New York and the UN to show them off as proof positive that the Security Council has outlived its usefulness and should be dissolved.
    Sigh. OK, back to reality.

  2. Manaat says:

    Bina, you suddenly seem to have many visits from India that are not me … any ideas?

  3. Hmmm…none of them have piped up yet, unless they’re those spammers whose English is hilariously poor (and seemingly dependent on online thesauri). That’s the best guess I can manage, for now.

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