Quotable: Amy Wilentz on Haiti

“The figure of the Haitian living abroad is one that evokes bitter comedy and, often, envy among Haitians living in Haiti. Haitian Haitians can quickly spot someone from what is called the diaspora visiting Port-au-Prince. A Haitian friend once told me that the big difference, aside from a visible discrepancy in wealth, is that someone from lòt bò dlo (or the other side of the water, which means “abroad” in Haitian Creole) walks with purpose and studied intent, as if he or she has a destination in mind at every moment. Island Haitians can find such goal-oriented behavior strange, unreal, even ridiculous, since the poverty of life in Haiti means that goals are often unachievable.”

–Amy Wilentz, in the New York Times

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1 Response to Quotable: Amy Wilentz on Haiti

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Interesting observation.
    Haiti has long been a place of interest for me.
    Aristide’s kidnapping, with the role of the US, points up how brazen and corrupted people in the US are, right and left.
    Very few people research and comment honestly about Haiti–afraid to look in the mirror.
    Its sad and insane that the lies about Aristide get regurgitated without challenge.
    This should give one valuable insight into US culture. We can learn how the game is played, and who the truth-tellers are.

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