Venezuelan journalists censored on Twitter!


Yes, it’s really true. Roberto Hernández Montoya, one of VTV’s two Robertos (who have a show called “As You Can See”) has been following the @VVperiodistas saga, and he tells all:

I recount: Certain journalists at Venevisión created this anonymous account at Twitter in order to vent their spleen against the government, which their channel would not allow. The broadcaster apparently complained to Twitter over the use of their name and logo, and Twitter immediately cancelled the account. They created another, @VVperiodistas2, with the threat of another closure, and had to create @VVperiodistas3 and so on ad infinitum. In effect, some jokers created @VVperiodistas3 and the ruckus began. Believing their lies, several journalists, starting with VVperiodistas2, dedicated themselves to insinuating something like that Chávez had ordered the closure from Tehran, and Twitter, obediently, cancelled VVperiodistas. The maverick journalists later released a statement which clarified that the responsible party was their own channel. In it, they called Gustavo Cisneros “the magnate of silence”. In compliance with certain conditions, Twitter reinstated @VVperiodistas, hopefully for good. On Thursday the Venevisión security guards assaulted some journalists from Globovisión…Venevisión apologized, following the denunciation from @VVperiodistas.

Venezuela is bubbling over on Twitter. How nice that no one can censor it.

It’s poetic justice, because according to them [that is, opposition TV channels and print media], censorship is communist, and capitalism is all freedom and fun for young and old. That is, don’t you know what it’s like in private companies, where they trap you in a Bolivarian cage and toss you out? Moreover, the Venezuelan state is so bourgeois that in some places, being a Bolivarian will inhibit your rise through the ranks, and implies harassment and dirty looks, where they fire you plain and simple. They’ll chant “not one step back, OUT!” at you in their big marches.

O yes, they know that, hence the pseudonym. No one put their name to it. They know how Cisneros is with his detractors […] Capitalism is coercion and duress. It allows neither charity nor Christ.

I hate censorship, above all that which private enterprise exercises, that despotism without enlightenment. Solidarity with the comrades at @VVmasoquistas! Yes, it’s good for a laugh.

Translation mine.

BTW, the skirmish between the Globovisión journos and the Venevisión security goons took place recently during a parading of the “Misses”–that is, the candidates for Miss Venezuela–in Maracaibo. You can see it on the Robertos’ show, here (in the first segment.) Venevisión, alone among the Venezuelan private TV channels, censored it.

And, BTW, VTV is the state channel. The one the opposition (via Venevisión, Globovisión, etc.) is always claiming is full of Chavista propaganda, and a threat to freedom and democracy, and blahblah. The fact that they’re allowed to scream such blatant nonsense unimpeded is proof that it’s not the government censoring them. The fact that it’s their own channels’ owners doing the censoring is an interesting irony, and one that should not be lost on anyone.

And neither is the fact that one of the Robertos–state-TV channel propagandists and Castro-communists, according to the oppos–is @VVperiodistas’ numero uno fan.

Yes, indeed, it IS good for a laugh!

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