Where in the world is General González?


Cue up the “Carmen Sandiego” song. A putschist fugitive is on the loose somewhere on this planet, and the Venezuelan authorities have appealed to Interpol to help find him:

The Public Ministry has asked Interpol to add a red alert on former army general Néstor González González to its database for events that took place on April 11, 2002, in Venezuela.

The request came on Monday, October 11, from assistant national prosecutor Engel Ordaz.

Once Interpol places González González in its database, he can be apprehended in any international seaport or airport he may be passing through.

The retired army general is wanted by Venezuelan authorities for incitement to civil rebellion, which is a criminal offence in the Venezuelan penal code. On July 31, 2006, an arrest warrant was issued, by request of the Public Ministry, via the 19th Tribunal of Metropolitan Caracas.

Translation mine.

You may recall a certain scene in The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, in which the bald guy in the photo above figures rather prominently (from 27:33 to 28:05). This is the larger context of that scene:

Here, González is lying his ass off about the Chávez government on April 10, the day before the coup, claiming it harbors Colombian FARC and ELN rebels in Venezuela, and using that as a pretext for a coup. He’s saying the president should resign, and that the military must take this position–“because if they don’t, somebody will”. This is the part that immediately precedes what we can see in the Irish documentary of the coup; the crapaganda whores of the Venezuelan media happily go along with that hogwash, calling Chávez “an agent of Fidel Castro and the Colombian guerrillas”. González is providing the pretext for the military’s next move, when a group of putschist generals announce, during the coup the next day, that there have been shots fired by snipers, and that “more than 10 people are dead and 100 injured in Caracas”.

Interestingly, they were all working from a prepared script. The generals rehearsed that bit with the help of the same compliant media (among them, CNN) before anyone was shot or killed. Therefore, it is impossible to conclude anything but that certain members of the Venezuelan military high command were in on the coup.

Among them, of course, the selfsame Néstor González González…a wanted man who definitely belongs on Interpol’s watch list. If by chance you see him anywhere (probably Miami), you know what to do, don’t you?

(And yes, it’s a pity the that media who participated in the coup can’t likewise be put on Interpol watch lists. They all deserve it too. The last thing they deserve now is an audience, much less one that believes a word they say.)

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  1. Manaat says:

    He was rumored to be in Costa Rica apparently. He is supposed to go to Spain, sometime, though. Wonder what happens then.

  2. Nolan says:

    I’ll bet he pops up in Miami within the next year.

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