Festive Left Friday Blogging: UNASUR meets in Guyana…

…and Cristina Fernández of Argentina paid tribute to her late husband (and former president), Néstor Kirchner:

Love how she makes special mention of Chavecito–as a friend as well as a fellow South American president. (Watch when the camera pans across the front row of seats; Chavecito and Evo are sitting side by side. Chavecito can’t resist interjecting with friendly words, of course.) Solidarity is beautiful!

And speaking of beautiful, I couldn’t leave this out:


Rafael Correa, another of Cristina’s amigos. Looking very indomitable, no? He had some nice words of his own, praising the South American union for helping to lower tensions between nations in the South. Their solidarity (there’s that beautiful word again!) helped him and Ecuador overcome a coup attempt just two months ago. Democracy is flourishing in the region, and so is unity. That’s a thing that can’t be priced in dollars…or euros…or any other monetary unit you can name.

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