Gorgeous George is ba-ack!

And he looks to be in fine fighting form, too:


Got his gloves on and everything. He’s gonna need them…the far right is planning to send in the clowns:

But as Canadians flock to hear a British politician who was kicked out of the Labour Party in 2003, and voted out of office last May, some home truths are emerging about Canadian Middle Eastern politics, a bizarro world in which Zionists pose as Palestinians to shout down a bearded Scot.

An email circulating among Zionist and pro-Israel opponents of Mr. Galloway offers a novel and surprising glimpse into audience strategy in the YouTube era, in which the audience doubles as the media. It suggests Mr. Galloway can expect novel forms of resistance, to say nothing of aggressive questions, from a shadow army of pony-tailed Zionists disguised by keffiyehs and “hand-woven Guatemalan man-purses.”

Um, yeah. I bet he’s really shaking in his boots at that prospect.

Meanwhile, I can hardly wait for these goofballs to post the videos of their own epic fails to the Internets. I probably don’t need to say this, but I will anyway: Give ’em hell for me, George!

UPDATE: So, how intimidating was it, George?


Not very, by the looks of things.

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2 Responses to Gorgeous George is ba-ack!

  1. ceti says:

    Interesting that they’d wear Guatemalan purses seeing that Israel funded, trained, and supplied the Guatemalan military at the height of the Mayan genocide. These people are serious assholes whose putrid sense of entitlement has only been matched by other settler types who have no qualms in feeling righteous over eradicating indigenous populations.

  2. OMG, that’s true! Didn’t think of that. But it’s fitting that they’d be so cynical and dismissive of indigenous handicrafts. Sneering pricks…

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