I did not want to write this tonight…

…but something forced my hand.


There is simply no defence for selling something like this, and yet Amazon.com is doing just that.

There is simply no way that this book could be construed as “mere literature”. This is not Lolita. It is not a novel about a child-molester gone ’round the bend, rotting in jail while struggling to justify his “love” for a “nymphet”. It is a guide to breaking the law; it is a how-to book on violating the trust and bodily integrity of children. It is not only morally wrong, it’s illegal. So the “freedom of speech” excuse doesn’t wash.

And if anyone thinks “free speech” = “anything goes”, remember who else found out the hard way, this week, that that is NOT the case. I’ll remind you that Flip Benham’s “Wanted” posters still had a bit of legal wiggle room left in that they did not openly say “kill this abortion doctor”. But they really pushed the envelope, and in the opinion of the court that tried and found Benham guilty, they pushed it too far.

This book is not even on the same level as Flip Benham’s odious, insinuating posters. It leaves no room for doubt. It even says it is a “guide” to the crime. It may as well be titled How to Rape a Kid.

So, what’s Amazon’s problem? Just gotta make money at any cost? Sexually abused kids are apparently fair game. Just the cost of doing business with a shitty, drecky smut-peddler. Well, hell…as long as no child of Amazon.com’s is made to pay, where’s the harm, eh?

I’d be lying if I said this was a complete shock to me. Other legitimate businesses have also taken pedobear cash. When I was at university, many moons ago, NAMBLA had ads in RFD, a magazine for gay rural Wiccans.* It was a shocking and troubling sight. While I knew my gay friends well enough to know they would never answer such ads (my best friend even said, quite emphatically, “If I’m gonna be gay, I’ll do it with someone my own age”), it was sickening to know that this organization not only existed, it was disseminating Goddess only knew what information to “boy-lovers”.

Even worse, such information as NAMBLA and this sick fuck disseminate is doing direct harm to a lot of innocent people. And no, not all of them are kids. Yes, I’m talking about the LGBT community.

Every progressive straight ally knows, or should know by now, what a nightmarish struggle LGBTs have gone through (and in many places, are still going through) in order to be able to adopt children. A study just released today found that lesbian couples were the least likely, of all family heads, to abuse their children. And several studies have come out showing that children of same-sex parents, whether adopted or biologically related, do not have more psychological problems than those of heterosexual parents. In fact, many are better adjusted!

But the laws of the land often don’t consistently reflect that reality. Far more often, they reflect the fear and hatred of the “gay pedophile”, a creature that doesn’t exist outside the fever-swamp of right-wing indignation. If you’re gay, you’re a person who prefers consenting adults (or in the case of gay teens, a similar-aged partner) of your own sex–period. You do not go forcing yourself sexually upon children, who by legal definition cannot be considered equivalent, and consenting, to an adult.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are male adults who self-identify as heterosexual. Even men who molest boys often fit this description. It’s not a “gay” thing at all.

But trust a pedophile to muddy those waters, the same that my queer friends have worked so hard to clarify.

And trust Amazon not to give a shit, as long as they make a few quick bucks off a self-published e-book. After all, it’s not their lives that will be irrevocably harmed by some sick bastard. And it’s fair to say, judging by their blithe brushoff, that they don’t even feel their bottom line will be significantly affected by all this.

Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s boycott them (or do what Otto suggests, if you own their stock) until they do the right thing. We owe it to our gay friends, and to their kids, too.

Especially their kids.

*Ironically, RFD’s Wikipedia entry notes: “The magazine was founded after a group of gay men in Iowa attempted to purchase an advertisement in the countercultural Whole Earth Catalog about the organizing of a gay-centered commune, Running Water. The editors of Whole Earth rejected the request on the basis that they did not run gay advertisements.” Gay ads sure seem tame now, all things considered.

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2 Responses to I did not want to write this tonight…

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Defiantly concur with your outrage and your take on this issue. This culture treats kids like shit. We allow marketing and subtle sexualization of kids, as well as indoctrination that allows for mass subjugation when they be come adults.
    Most pedos are men that lean hetro, and I am sure that incidents of abuse in homes is way under reported.
    I just don’t like to see non-abusers caught in ham-fisted enforcement. There are enough criminal abusers that require being taken off the streets.
    My guess is that Amazon might be selling this crappy book as part of a sting operation, to identify particularly aggressive predators. Otherwise, why does this Corp need the bad press? I would be surprised if including this literature in their inventory comes down to cynical profit seeking. But this is crapitalism.
    The pedophile is so warped that he wants to defile innocence. This has connections with the pathological rape and destruction of ecological systems. Pathological patriarchy without any inkling of balancing with matriarchy, more healthy ying-yang that we see in the wisdom of the natural world functioning in a manner that increases the efficacy of all life.

  2. Your second sentence is the key here: “This culture treats kids like shit.” Exactly. Fetuses are sacred until their mothers expel them into the world, and suddenly the kid is excrement. It’s the old Original Sin thing, worming its way through the “pro-life” consciousness. They blat a lot about how precious kids are, but let’s face it, if they really cared, they would do a better job of protecting them from perverts. Some of whom, incidentally, are “celibate”, “pro-life” clerics.
    And that goes double for the commercial media, which is as avid for dollars as pedophiles are for children’s souls.
    BTW, this book is now withdrawn, but there’s still another pro-perv author out there still available at Amazon:
    The title alone is ooky: “Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers”? Note that the “boy” is just an object, a receiver for the pervert’s “love”, and doesn’t appear to love the pervert back (except in that awful, pathetic, dependent way that makes for so much time with the shrink later on, after he’s been discarded). I noticed a long time ago, at university, the same anomaly: classical Greek literature that celebrates pederasty is invariably written by pederasts. The boys they pursue are strangely silent on the matter. They don’t go praising the beauty or amatory prowess of their much older “lovers”. They’re just there, pretty objects to be fondled, used and eventually tossed aside. Except for their gender and age, they might as well have been kept women. There’s something awful about a situation so blatantly lopsided. And how anyone can find it alluring is beyond me.

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