Racist teabags: Finland has them, too


And they have all the same memes going as their southern US counterparts, too. Notice what color the woman is, and what color are her assailants?

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5 Responses to Racist teabags: Finland has them, too

  1. Uzza says:

    If this is in Finland, why is it in English?

  2. Well, in Finland, everybody speaks English. (I have it on the authority of my best friend’s brother, who works for Nokia in Helsinki.)

  3. Anthony says:

    I noticed a word in Finnish on the upper-right corner, Vihreät, and searched what it meant: It refers to the Green Party in Finland, and it turns out that this picture originates from 4chan, a notorious troll site – implying that Green Party politics will result in whatever the idiot who made the picture thinks will happen; dunno if the troll is based in Finland or not, though.

  4. Ah…interesting. So, if I’m reading this right, either it’s a nasty racist jokester playing his tricks in the immigrant community OR it’s a right-wing crapagandist trying to set up the Finnish Greens for a fall. Seems very crude, in any event…just like a teabag.

  5. Manaat says:

    The poster says “Contact the Finnish Embassy now”, this doesn’t make sense if it is in Finland. There is something wrong with the picture, it may be made up. The people on ground are all black, which makes me suspect that it is purported to be in some African country. Some rightwing nut Finnish group may have made this up, apparently with the intention of scaring Finns, saying this is what you find in some thirdworld country …

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