“The grandfather of Cuban blogs” supports terrorism. So does El Nuevo Herald


This might come as a surprise to some, but surely not to me.

The newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, of Miami, has published an article in which one of its columnists thanks the creators of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops for allowing him to “live the dream of all Cubans who love liberty.”

The author of the article signed it Val Prieto, “director and founder” of a publication called Babalublog.com. The vocation of Mr. Prieto is not a joke; in a highlighted area on Babalublog.com there is a section called “Loving Brothers”, and, alongside photos of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and Luis Posada Carriles, it invites readers to a dinner with the selfsame Posada Carriles, the confessed author of the terrorist bombing of a Cuban airplane in which 73 people died.

In the upper left-hand corner, there are words of praise for the blog from the much-awarded Cuban blogger, Yoani Sánchez. This person has referred to Posada Carriles thusly: “A political subject that does not interest people. It’s a smokescreen”. Now we know why.

Translation mine. Links as in original.

I’ve long disregarded any “information” published on the Babalu Blog as crapaganda, and I know better than to take seriously anyone citing them as a source (unless, of course, they’re actually critical of the Babalu babblers, and take the time to debunk the blog’s rank nonsense). The Babalu Blog is not only anti-Castro, but by extension anti-Chavecito, racistly anti-Evo, and, generally, just anti-anything-good-going-on-in-Latin-America. They’d rather see impoverished Latin Americans die than get free healthcare from Cuban doctors, and would rather see them go illiterate and jobless than learning to read and improve their lives using the highly successful “Yo Sí Puedo” Cuban method. They’re a bunch of vicious, cowardly cyber-thugs with a hatred of real liberty, in short. It doesn’t surprise me that they would be cheerleading for gore-porn video games which are now being used to promote terrorism–oh, sorry, “regime change”–against not only Venezuela, but Cuba as well. It’s worth noting that such games have been banned in Venezuela for blatantly promoting violent crime. (And not only there, either.)

I also used to look down my nose at Yoani Sánchez and take nothing she says as anything but a joke, or perhaps the product of her own Münchausen syndrome. Now I can revise my stance to say that she is not only a self-centred narcissist who goes to ridiculous lengths to pwn herself, but a terrorism supporter, as well. And her blithe dismissal of 73 innocent people’s deaths as a “smokescreen” shows just what a sick little wretch she really is.

What I’d really like to know, though, is why does the Miami Herald‘s Spanish-speaking sister support terrorism? Isn’t there supposed to be a war against it going on in the US?

Oh. I see.

Cuba, as usual, doesn’t count as a victim of terrorism. That’s a “smokescreen”, too, I take it. Or maybe, seeing as it was the CIA paying and training the odious Luis Posada Carriles to place bombs and blow up planes, it’s just another black op–“Call of Duty” style. Of course they’re going to protect him until the day he dies!

I won’t be holding my breath for the day any of them steps up to condemn terrorism. They are all clearly unapologetic mouthpieces for it. They all belong in jail, but I won’t be holding my breath for that, either.

PS: Before any other video gamers out there start chiding me on how I’m being unfair to the makers of the game referenced above, hold your electrons. If you think the military and the spook agencies aren’t using video games to recruit you as a professional killer, you had better read this. The Pentagon and the CIA are doing EXACTLY that. And they have been for quite a few years now. And yes, there is some concern that the “game” mentality is infiltrating warfare, too, specifically with the use of Predator drones. A generation of soldier-kids raised on video games could have a lot of tragic, yet quite foreseen consequences.

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7 Responses to “The grandfather of Cuban blogs” supports terrorism. So does El Nuevo Herald

  1. Nolan says:

    Yoani Sanchez has been exposed as a fraud long ago, she has never backed up her accusations of being abused by the Cuban government with any evidence.
    If she was from any country besides Cuba she wouldn’t be able to afford living off government assistance while spreading propaganda every day.
    If she was Colombian for instance, not only would her life actually be in jeopardy, but she wouldn’t be able to afford upkeeping the blog because the Huffington Post wouldn’t be promoting a democracy activist in a country Obama liberals don’t care about except when it comes to cocaine. Machetera has done a good job tearing apart Yoani Sanchez’s lies.

  2. Yeah, it must be so nice to be “oppressed” like she is. Not only does she get to live off the largesse of the Cuban government, but the State Dept. payroll as well (although they’ll deny that)–she gets a dedicated server in Germany which is run by a company with CIA ties, and everything. And translated into how many languages, again?
    Gawd, it must be nice. Too bad I don’t feel like becoming an info-prostitute.

  3. Slave Revlolt says:

    Don’t forget the connections these Cuban vendapatrias have in supporting terror in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and other places. Any left of center social justice movement is a target for these creeps.
    They are quislings for the empire and it’s mafias. These people glorify ostentatious displays of wealth, graft, and general thuggery. Gluttenous rapists and pigs–of the same lineage of the plundering conquistador creepazoids.
    A deep self-loathing fuels their cycle of debauchery.
    They despise Kennedy for not invading and putting them back in power in Cuba. More, the quasi-aristocratic, waspish high culture of the North-Eastern elites is forever beyond their ability to attain. They will forever be seen as inferiors within old capitalist elite circles in the US. Good enough to take out the trash, but not to mingle with in public.
    In Miami they have created a thiefdom–a place they can entertain their squalid peers from Latin America.
    Cuban Americans and other Latinos brave enough to mock them and call them out on their thuggery have my respect. Francisco Aruca is one such person. Google him. When the Elian bullshit went down he came out swinging. Used to have an English language radio show that was quite informative.
    Miami is my place of birth, exactly one week before Kennedy was killed, 47 years ago today.
    Have long suspected a Rightwing Cuban connection with that shit.

  4. Happy birthday, amigo…and yes, there IS a Cuban rightard connection to the JFK murder. The Cuban mafia lost a major cash cow when Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba (he closed their casinos), and they stood to lose out even more when Bobby Kennedy became US Attorney General. Both men were mob busters, especially Fidel. It must have angered them even more when JFK started moving toward peace talks with Fidel; he was secretly doing so already, probably having realized that it was just too stupid to keep up the CIA’s war against Cuba. In fact, the week before his final visit to Dallas, JFK was in Miami to address the local business community, and the Secret Service decided against a motorcade there because it was just too risky; they must have heard some noises from the local ex-Cubans. In fact, a Miami police inspector even got a right-wing trade unionist to secretly tape a conversation with an infamous white supremacist from Georgia, suspecting he was in on a plot, and the Georgia creep said an assassination was “in the works”. He even described in some detail the plans which would later be implemented in Dealey Plaza–said it would be done “from a building, with a high-powered rifle”, which would be taken up in pieces and then assembled secretly in the sniper’s perch so as not to attract suspicion. Of course, the old World War II Italian rifle claimed to be Lee Harvey Oswald’s was not such a weapon, nor had Oswald even been on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting. He was down in a second-floor lunchroom at the time of the assassination, drinking a Coke he’d obtained from the vending machine. Oswald was, just as he said, a patsy. There were at least three actual shooters, operating in a crossfire; forensic analysis of a police tape recording (from a motorcycle cop whose mike was open at the time) shows evidence of as many as half a dozen. The killer who fired the shot seen ripping open JFK’s head in the Zapruder film is believed to be a Corsican mobster named Lucien Sarti, who had ties to the heroin trade and was himself shot dead in Mexico City in 1972. Since the Corsican mob had stakes in the Cuban casinos, it’s not hard to see why they were happy to furnish a hitman. Sarti’s trademark was to use frangible bullets, the kind that break apart on entry and do more damage to the body than non-frangible ones. And JFK’s head wound, indeed, was one of those ghastly, exploded-looking ones that would result from the use of such a bullet.
    So yeah, your suspicions are quite correct. There are Cuban mafia fingerprints all over JFK’s corpse.

  5. dersoldat says:

    Hello, I have been reading your site for a week or two and I enjoy it quite a bit, even if I do not always agree with everything but I want to respond to something in this post.
    No its nothing serious, but I did find it unfair how you characterize Call of Duty: Black Ops as a “gore-porn video game” promoting “terrorism/regime change”. It’s just a video game.
    I’ve played it and in the actual game you do not even kill Castro you are sent on a “Black Ops” mission during the Bay of Pigs to kill Castro, but you end up shooting up a body double who was using a lady of the night as a human shield–but I’m not gonna get into that with you! Whole other shitstorm I’m asking for myself with that!
    Anyways the point I’m trying to express is that its unfair to criticize the video game as having some sort of political message. The Cuba missions were made to give a varied atmosphere to the game. After you kill Castro’s double you get captured and smacked around by the Cubans and deported to a Soviet gulag in Russia where you help some Russian political prisoners break free and then you continue with your secret missions and meet them throughout further historically based FICTIONAL missions around the world.
    It’s strictly an entertainment game and to characterize it as being some political American brainwashing-new-killbots-tool for the first time associating violence with entertainment, is unfair, and I’d challenge you to find many societies throughout the least several thousand years of human existence who did not have some form of violent entertainment. I believe even your beloved pre-Columbian Central and South American civilizations had an ancient penchant for particularly brutal sports.
    Yes perhaps we *should* have evolved passed that stage of embracing violence for entertainment’s value, but what is a video game if not a very non-real-virtual-violent evolution from the quite un-virtual reality of arena gladiatorial combat or even a school sanctioned tackle football game? If anything these “gore-porn” video games are an alternative that on a whole has not directly caused any deaths or serious injuries beyond the odd Korean Starcraft or World of Warcraft addict who plays for 78 hours straight and dies from dehydration. But these types are the exception not the rule.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 5.6 million copies in the first 24 hours. I can say with 100% certainty that the vast vast majority of these people who bought the game do not have an active passionate hatred towards Senor Castro. And I wholeheartedly believe not many will be brainwashed to all of a sudden have a passionate hatred towards the man. I personally have no problem with him or with Cuba or Cubans or their political system. I believe Senor Castro even came to the late Hon. Pierre Trudeau’s funeral, which is a quite honourable gesture of friendship by a gentleman which should not go unignored. But I still blasted his virtual ass away in the video game because I can differentiate between “killing” someone in a video game and in real life. I would never wish any real harm upon the gentleman, its just a video game.

  6. Well, pal, it’s nice of you personally not to be an evil bastard as a result of playing the game. But it’s not like we can count on everyone to stay human (and humane) after that. There are plenty of psychopaths out there, and things like this play specifically into that psychopathy. There are plenty of shooter-gamers who have flipped out, and it would be disingenuous to deny the impact of these games on them. The fact that more than one country is implementing bans on them should tell you something.
    And yes, the ancient civilizations of the Americas did have their share of violent games, which were played in real time. With real violence, real weapons and real blood. Which is why a lot of those civilizations collapsed under their own weight. You’ll note that there is no more Aztec or Inca empire. The modern indigenous peoples of Latin America don’t play that way anymore, and there’s a reason for that. Civilizations collapse when people become callous and treat violence as a mere game. (The Spanish empire in the Americas is moribund today for the same reason, incidentally. And the sun has set on the British one, and will set in due course on the US one, for the same reason, too.)
    Just because it didn’t make a mercenary out of you doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other kids out there who will consider careers as such because they enjoyed a shooter game which may well have been developed with CIA investment. In fact, I’ve blogged as recently as last year about a would-be mercenary (killed for trying to assassinate the president of Bolivia, BTW) who got his big ideas playing AirSoft in his spare time as a hired “security” goon for Shell Oil’s Corrib Gas project in Ireland…but it’s just another “game” to some, I’m sure.
    I don’t think my characterization of it as gore-porn is at all unfair. On the contrary, I think it’s a tad too polite.

  7. Slave Revolt says:

    How about a game where we free Guantonamo and the tortured prisoners fro the clutches of the evil empire. Or one where we take out drone operators and help Iraqis and Afgahnis avenge terror dieted by the empire?
    How about a game where indigenous people in Nigeria attack Shell Oil goons and take their lands back?
    Ain’t gonna happen because these games are all about cementing into malleable psyches the gory glory of the empire.
    These story-lines that are promoted jibe so nicely with the official narrative of the empire.
    That the guy commenting above is so sensitive to your description indicates that he half-way know that this is true. He might get a cool job operating drones unleaded on Afghan families. Sick shit, worse than porn in my view. But a tad less creepy than pedo porn–both come from the same dark and pathological impulses.
    Word. P.S: doubt the guy is a regular reader of this blog.
    Propaganda works effectively by ubiquity and cradle to grave repetition.

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