“Where the fuck is the conductor?”

ADDENDUM: Didn’t see this yesterday, but here’s a telling thing…there are actual websites devoted to guys doing what you see below.

A woman on the New York subway system confronts a wanker (a literal one!) who harassed her. Apparently he kept rubbing up against her with his penis out.

Happily, the comments on this YouTube are mostly positive…and in favor of the woman who wouldn’t be intimidated. A representative sampling:

LOVE HER. No woman should ever back down to this kind of behavior.

Because it’s actually so much better that they just surround him! There is nothing he can do. He can’t even reach down to put his dick back in his pants because everyone will see. He’s fucked now. There’s about 4 cameras on him and he’s standing there with his dick hidden behind a bag, the police will be all over him.

She’s so hot to me.  Best comment: ‘Oh this shit is going on youtube yo.’

Ginger Power!! She is my hero for today!! 😀

This woman is a BAMF.* Good for her.

LOL, I hope his life is ruined. This happened to me several years ago and I confronted the guy. Would have sprayed him with mace if there hadn’t been dozens of people nearby. He ran like a little bitch out of the train station. That’s right, you do this kind of thing and you lose your “man” card.

This woman gets my full respect, for calling out an obvious sexual predator. It takes a lot of guts to publicly shame a pervert like this, as perfectly and loudly as she did, and I think if more women stood up for their rights in this straight-forward way more often, if and/or when they are assaulted, we would be better for it. The fact that the other men on the train are also helping to keep the moron waiting for the conductor is heartening, as are some of their words of wisdom: Ridiculous man!

And then there are the inevitable jokers:

Sometimes it just needs to breathe a little is all.


And then there’s pure, dick-smacking ignorance:

I called her a cunt not because she spoke up but because of the way she did it. It’s just apparent to me–and many others–that this woman is a bitch. Look at her facial expressions. Listen to her tone of voice. She has all the grace of a hall monitor. It was probably the first penis she’s ever seen.

You guys have it all wrong. If you’ve never flashed some peen on a subway, you’ve never lived. This bro was just living. That’s all. Why can’t you let a man live? This is AMERICA!

Yeah, that’s right; there’s that legendary wingnut logic at work. She’s a bitch who doesn’t believe in letting guys “live”. And “living” entails showing your shit to someone with no interest in seeing it. On a public subway. Where anyone else can witness her fear and humiliation (and in this case, several others did.)

But y’know what? Maybe, just maybe, these dick-smackers would think twice about “living” that way if they knew that their shit was gonna be shown–and insulted–on the Internets, eh?


(h/t Hollaback!)

*BAMF = BadAssMotherFucker, in case you wondered.

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