Why is Jason Kenney afraid of this man?

George Galloway was in Calgary yesterday. He wanted to have a few polite words with Jason Kenney, who was responsible for debarring him from the country awhile back, on ridiculously specious grounds. As you can see, he’s very polite, and he says nothing disagreeable here…unless, of course, you find the truth objectionable. As Jason Kenney undoubtedly does, or he would have let George Galloway in the first time. Galloway is far less obnoxious than the Coultergeist, who lies as easily as she breathes. And Jason Kenney had no problem with her, even though she is an open supporter of terrorism and likes to throw verbal bombs all the time.

So…why IS Jason Kenney afraid of George Galloway? Whom does peace threaten?

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One Response to Why is Jason Kenney afraid of this man?

  1. chris says:

    “Whom does peace threaten?”
    Um, all the rapture-ready rubes that vote for Kenney, Harper et al?

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