Wikileaks: The fun begins


Oh boy, that Wikileaks data-dump that came out today is yielding some nuggets. Here’s some truly disgusting (and very in-character) dirt on the US State Dept. and its activities in Latin America…

The digital page of the Spanish newspaper El País revealed that US diplomats tried to get various countries in Latin America to isolate Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, according to secret documents released by Wikileaks.

El País tells of the “efforts” of US diplomats “to court Latin American countries to isolate Hugo Chávez of Venezuela,” without publishing the pertinent document distributed by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks distributed secret information from the US State Department to the Spanish newspaper, as well as the British Guardian, the New York Times, Le Monde of France, and Der Spiegel of Germany.

According to the documents, the US secretary of state requested information on the “state of mental health” of Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández. The pertinent document was not published by El País.

The paper indicated that on Monday it will offer details over this revelation and “the suspicions the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, awakened in Washington.”

The Wikileaks information shows “unsuspected details” which the United States obtained “regarding the personalities of some distinguished leaders” of foreign countries and “the role they played in the most intimate human facets of political relations.”

“This was particularly evident in Latin America, where they have made known the judgments of US diplomats and many of their spokespeople over the character, affiliations and sins of the most controversial figures,” according to El País.

Translation mine.

I’m not a bit surprised that they tried to isolate Chavecito. Anyone who follows this blog or any other non-mainstream source will be yawning at that; it was hardly a secret, and the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Boy, was THAT an epic fail or what?

But the bit about Cristina Fernández shows just what low blows they’re willing to resort to. Inquiring about the state of her mental health. I’m presuming this was in conjunction with the recent death of her husband, Néstor Kirchner, although they might have also probed into it sooner, like whenever Cristina said something anti-imperialistic that didn’t sit well with Her Royal Clintoness or Auntie Condi. Either way, it sounds to me like the usual CIA shenanigan of looking for a weak spot to exploit. I don’t think they found shit; Cristina Fernández strikes me as an extraordinarily strong woman. And from all that I’ve seen, her marriage to Néstor was solid. They’d have had no luck with her. Unless, maybe, they tried to pull what they did with poor Frank Olson.

Meanwhile, what Hugo Llorens did in Honduras proves him to be a putschist fucking dick. The NYT has the cables in which he admits that it was a coup, that Manuel Zelaya was illegally removed from power, and that the reasons given for doing so were spurious. Nothing that you or I could not have known sooner; the only thing new is that now we have documentation showing that Llorens was in it up to his eyeballs, covering for the putschists and essentially doing nothing while Hondurans died and continue to die, and while their real president remains in exile and his life remains in danger. Just in case the Old Grey Bandit gets all shy, though, here’s Otto with the same data. Llorens is still dead wrong on key details–Zelaya was NOT looking to extend his term, and what he was doing with his “fourth ballot” referendum was perfectly legal. Meanwhile, Honduras continues to live with a fake, illegitimately “elected” president, and no new constitution, and consequently, no democracy.

And the fun has just begun.

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4 Responses to Wikileaks: The fun begins

  1. dersoldat says:

    Thank you for the translation for those of us who do not speak Spanish. The North American media, print and tv makes no mention of any leaks concerning Central/South America, they are all held up on sexy shit like the Middle East, and Europe for the time being.
    Its actually pretty funny to watch the unexpected reaction of the popular media to a bunch of content they are not really in control of, or have the inside ties to!

  2. James Hardwick says:

    And believe you me, the silence of the North American media regarding this confirmation of what truth tellers have saying for years regarding United States policy in Central/South America will continue and will be deafening in its silence. Although there are many who will close their eyes and lie to themselves regarding all of this, I hope these Wikileaks (as well as the ones concerning the Middle East and all the other shenanigans the U.S. has been involved in) will result in the loss of all legitimacy for this government in the eyes of any U.S. citizen (and any citizen of the world for that matter) who has at least half a brain.

  3. dersoldat says:

    “This” government (if by “this” you mean The Obama Administration) is just continuing along the same line as previous US governments at least since the end of the Second World War.
    Its not really productive to wish the US government looses all legitimacy in the eyes of everyone in the world because the Americans and the very powerful American government are capable of using their power for legitimate good and affect positive change in the world.
    The wikileaks should be a good humbling dose of reality and put some fear into those who thought themselves untouchable in Washington. The government, any government, should always consider that their actions may and could very possibly become public knowledge, and conduct themselves accordingly. No matter what they do they should be considering the fact that they could very well be explaining to their nation why they have done what they did and have to justify it.
    If they can justify their actions honestly with a clear conscience, then you do have someone who technically does have integrity, even if you personally disagree with them. A legitimate politician must have integrity.
    Moreso then releasing documents that could potentially put soldiers at harm in a theatre of war, wikileaks should release documents that expose government corruption, and how the people in power waste money on themselves and their friends and lobbyists. That would be the most damaging thing for the American people to learn, and give them the largest loss of faith in their government.

  4. Slave Revolt says:

    On the balance , the US empire does far more harm than good in the world.
    I hope that the imperialist pigs are weaked by this, and that leaking information remains a tool used by the sane and the democratic minded.
    Stay safe and strong, and alive, Assange. You are a global hero. Stay away from three-way sex with the snotty hotties bro.

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