Don Meredith needs a remedial geography lesson

Not to mention remedial history. Canada NEVER went to war in Iraq, much less under “the previous Liberal government”, as he asserts here, repeatedly, less than a minute in:

And yes, Mr. Meredith is a Conservative. Obviously a very partisan one, to make such hilarious factual errors. But perhaps that’s all understandable. I don’t notice his not-so-new-anymore Conservative government making any serious noises about peace…even in Afghanistan. Which he does finally get around to correctly mentioning, after repeated heckling and booing, at about the 1:06 minute mark.

PS: Mr. Meredith is now a senator. This was an election debate from a couple of years back in which he lost to Bob Rae, a Liberal. Mr. Rae has expressed his surprise at this in a tweet:


Since he couldn’t get himself elected to the House over one of those oh-so-blameworthy Libs, Mr. Meredith has now been appointed to the Senate by Harpo. Who, I reiterate, campaigned on a platform opposing this sort of thing. Read what Scott has to say about this.

Meanwhile, our friends to the south are amused/can commiserate:


Isn’t it nice to know you’re not the only ones who have ignorant wingnuts in the house…er, senate?

PPS: Some remedial queer studies would also be in order, it seems. Or is that not “faith-based” enough for Harpo’s latest Senate pack?

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5 Responses to Don Meredith needs a remedial geography lesson

  1. Jymn says:

    Looks like Meredith has been reading too much Ann Coulter. Did she ever get back to the CBC over her ‘error’ (aka lie) that Canada fought in Vietnam?
    I see, just like Meredith will never apologize for this blunder (lie).

  2. Fred says:

    ya, except for our Navy and Air Force that fought in GW1 . . .
    Remedial history indeed.

  3. Really? If they fought, what’s their body count?
    Oh, oh, I know: ZERO! Because they weren’t in active combat. Look it up…I did.
    No wonder your side can’t get a parliamentary majority. No wonder Harpo has to pack the Senate with these idiots. Otherwise, you’d lose till the end of time, like you did here.
    But thanks for playing, dumbass. ‘Bye!

  4. SDH says:

    I’m not sure if Meredith corrected himself, I could only listen to about a minute of the clip, but there were a number of Canadians who served in the Iraq theatre, including the current CDS.
    There were probably a similar number of Canadians served in Vietnam as have currently served in Afghanistan, including a similar number who were killed, notwithstanding Canada never officially participated.

  5. He did correct himself, just after the one-minute mark. That shows that he didn’t mean Iraq, he meant Afghanistan.
    And you’re correct that a number of Canadians volunteered with the US army in Vietnam; my best friend’s uncle was one of them. But there was never an official Canadian contingent sent by our government, as you say. We took in a great many more US war resisters than there were Canadians volunteering with the US army. Several times as many, in fact.
    And yeah, a bit of extra reading reveals a murkier picture than anyone would like to see, regardless of what side they’re on. The fact that Canadian covert “assistance” in the Gulf wars was so hushed-up is kind of telling, though–especially when you look at the Wikipedia entry on Canada’s presence in Iraq, and you see all the news reports at the bottom about a massive popular opposition to the war. Some 70% clearly told the government no, we don’t want to go to war in Iraq, and yet this happens? This is the sort of thing that shames a democracy, in which the will of the people ought to prevail over outside political alliances. Especially a Cold War relic like NATO, which seems to be more about keeping others in line than it does with any real defence of freedom, these days.

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